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Stats: 38H-27-38
Height: 5'11
Question: Have you ever been touched by someone and their touch sends a burning sensation through your veins that bring goosebumps to your skin? Fact: Tired of being rushed and unfulfilled? Frustrated with escorts who change their attitude once you pay them? Promise: Profound service.

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Author: Shallow Throat, Nov/25/1999 09:00:41 [-05 EST]

She is genuine and a pleasure to be with. In this case, I may be biased, but other postings seem to agree. Treat her with respect and you will get it in return. Have fun.


Author: Bman, Dec/1/1999 13:53:42 [-05 EST]

I had the the extreme pleasure in seeing Kayla a few weeks back and all I can say is this woman is a Goddes. All I will say is I will be seeing her again and even though I only met her sister very briefly I am looking forward to see her.


Author: Unknown December 08, 1999 Time: 16:23

go for it buddy,you will not be dissapointed.she is exactly as her pictures look.not a clock watcher either. she is very good at what she does. go for it!!!!!!!!!!!

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