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April Committee Meeting - General overview

April 26, 2000

Well our 4th meeting started out on shaky ground. A last minute location was not to good. We meet at the Brass Rail on Yonge St. They had promised us the back VIP lounge, but upon arrival it was obvious that the room would not hold all of us as well the dancers were still using the rear of the VIP area. They did attempt to give us room but we were not able to hear each other to well. Thanks to Laura, we moved down the street to a Hotel lounge and the meeting set up there.

We had several new attendees last night, Mailmans first meeting, The Banker, Laktor, Grim Jack, Fitman, Paul and Shiek. It was a pleasure to meet each one, WELCOME. Nice to put a face and personality to the nic name. It is also nice to know they are real and not fake!!! With the new people and the mix up, it was good that some of the regulars were not able to make it, we will make sure the next meeting will hold ALL of us. We are growing every month!!!

The meeting, once it got started, went very well and we covered a lot of ground and had some very good discussions. There was a sub committee formed to plan this Summers PARTY and work out the details. Members, do not forget to send Enduser your ideas for the party so he can go over them and discuss them with his sub committee and present it at the next meeting.

We discussed the reviews done, the best idea was Enduser , Sasha and Dana ,plus some others, who went out as a group to review the strip clubs. Not only did they enjoy themselves, and Sasha getting stripped on stage ( now that would have been an enjoyable sight!), they also did it in a social way. This is much better than going by yourself. They plan to do a similar one this month with the clubs that were chosen for May.

The draws were held, congratulations to Enduser ( $400 - 1 year fitness membership compliments of Invisible Touch) we expect to see a chiseled new you in 6 mo. And the girls want a strip show!!!! Grim Jack, Mailman, Professor and Beentheredonethat all won a free � massage from Invisible Touch ( door and room fee included). Remember guys.... Paul only wants honest reviews!! The winner of the 1 hour free with an escort of his choice from Seductive .... the guy with the horse shoes in his back pocket... Muddy Waters. We all wish we had his choice to make on which one of this agencies beautiful escorts he will choose.

After the meeting, a few of us were going to go across the street to visit 490a, unfortunately for some reason they closed over 1 hour early. Sorry Lou.... all that business you might of had. A few of us still went back to enjoy some entertainment at the Brass Rail. Again I was forced to leave Jdayger in the company of a beautiful woman, Kayla this time. Hope he survived!!!*L*

A more detailed summery of the meeting will be e-mailed to the members soon...

Mr.E - The Committee Chairman

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