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Personality Profile

Working History....

- 6 Years on the street in three different provinces.
- Employed a dozen women in the past.
- Worked for three different agencies.
- Worked in two massage parlors.
- Worked one year independent.

Past Success...

- Survived an abusive relationship.
- Survived a sexual assault in the first degree. (Client attained from the street. Convicted and sentenced to ten years.)
- Never been drunk or on any type of drugs.
- Was elected by a group of detectives to head a woman's shelter.
- Interviews by a major newspaper and television stations.
- Counseled sexual assault victims for many years.

Current Status...

- Currently working independent part time.
- Career in Computer Security, Internet Investigation, Web Site Design/Management, Technical Support and Computer Design.

Relation to ER....

- Committee Member.
- Founder/Webmaster of ER.

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