Rubratings massage site - the best body rub listing service in the USA.

Is Rubratings one of the top erotic massage sites?

As you know, massage is one of the most pleasant procedures that have a relaxing and tonic effect. It removes the effects of stress, allows you to smooth out emotional problems and psychological health. Not surprisingly, millions of Americans visit massage parlors, and some of them choose options with an unusual ending. Such procedures both relax and bring physical pleasure and give a charge of positive emotions. Are you intrigued? Our Rubratings review is the answer to your questions!

Visit the best massage parlors in the city with Rubratings!

Rubratings is a popular body rub listing service that brings together almost all massage parlors with adult services. We know, today many men and women satisfy their sexual desire through massage. Therefore, they visit the appropriate spa or masseuses who are ready to provide additional services. But now they are all in one place - Rubratings. What does our erotic massage site offer to its users?

Body rub in every American city

Rub ratings are relevant for the entire US. Here are blowjob parlors and solo masseuses from all states and cities. Wherever you live, wherever you go, you’ll always find an xxx massage with a happy ending. Do you want to go on sex travel? Don’tforget to visit the best parlors in every new city.

All types of erotic massage with an amazing ending

The body rub sitedoesn’t restrict the community members in any way. Here you’ll find all types of erotic massage. Do you love Thai and Nuru? Fine! Would you like to attend a tantric session? Then just find a master. What about other exotic services? Rubratings handles this as well. Check it out:

  • Feet service
  • Bamboo sticks
  • LGBT masseuses

The choice is truly unlimited. It depends on you.

Masseuses for every taste

Rubratings has masseuses for every taste. Here you can find petite Asian girls with huge tits, hot Latinas with meaty ass, and sexy ebony with appetizing forms. What is the secret of Rub ratings success? You order MT erotic massage, and the hot girl works naked. Don’t forget about the happy ending and DT! Our Body rub listing service offers both massage parlors and individual masseuses. These beauties will reveal the secrets of Asian and kinky techniques.

What about registration and cost?

You can use Rubratings without registration. You’ll lose the ability to read user reviews. And this is an important factor that you should pay attention to when choosing a massage parlor or an individual masseuse. Therefore, it’s better to take a few minutes and register. Moreover, it’s free.

Become a member of the body rub site to unlock all its features. However, it costs nothing. Yes, Rubratings does not charge its users by making money from posting ads.

Final verdict

Rubratings is the best body rub listing service in the USA. The project has been actively developing over the years and today has an excellent reputation. The Erotic massage site does not put any restrictions. Therefore, community members find exactly what they came for. What is the indicator of the project’s effectiveness? This is primarily a multi-thousand user base.


  • All types of erotic massage in one place
  • The site has both parlors and individual masseuses
  • Large active community
  • Customer reviews
  • Clean design
  • The site is legal
  • Everything is free


  • This erotic massage site is only relevant within the United States
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