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Author: steppenwolf, Jan/13/2000 16:18:09 [-05 EST]

Was there a few days after they opened last year. Was not worth the money. Don't bother. May they've changed, but I wouldn't bet on it. Old chick. No personality. No warmth. All business. Left the room three times to answer the phone. In short, forget it.

Author: LJ, Jan/11/2000 20:45:00 [-05 EST]

Been there to see one of my favourites. Her name is Nana. She's almost 6 ft tall, big natural boobs, nice legs, Black shoulder length hair and a voice like a little girl. To be honest her massage is nothing special, but with breasts like hers, who cares? Another girl who looks interesting at this place is Stella. Petite, nice looking, but I haven't tried her.