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Author: Shallow Throat, Nov/25/1999 09:00:41 [-05 EST]

She is genuine and a pleasure to be with. In this case, I may be biased, but other postings seem to agree. Treat her with respect and you will get it in return. Have fun.

Author: Bman, Dec/1/1999 13:53:42 [-05 EST]

I had the the extreme pleasure in seeing Kayla a few weeks back and all I can say is this woman is a Goddes. All I will say is I will be seeing her again and even though I only met her sister very briefly I am looking forward to see her.

Author: Unknown December 08, 1999 Time: 16:23

go for it buddy,you will not be dissapointed.she is exactly as her pictures look.not a clock watcher either. she is very good at what she does. go for it!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: The Banker, Jan/13/2000 15:34:03 [-05 EST]

Just came back from a session with the lovely Kayla. This was my first time seeing her and it was well worth it. She is a very nice person and provides a very fun session. Not rushed by any stretch. She is very cuddly and a good kisser. She provides top notch service. She is not a barbie doll but i like the look of her as well as the feel. It was a very enjoyable time and i WILL be back for more in the future. She is located in the Lawrence/ Jane street area. She is very clean and can also carry a conversation. You can get her number at escorts.ca All in all a great diversion from my afternoon. Thanks Kayla

Author: Titan, Jan/17/2000 18:37:51 [-05 EST]

Her picture does not do her any justice.I would highly recommend any real guy to give her a try. Pleasent personality, intellegent , and a super bod. I'm defeinately returning again and again.....

Author: C2, Jan/18/2000 11:31:53 [-05 EST]

I started out yesterday with an appointment with Kayla. I am not sure what I expected. But I tell you the visit was absoulutly wonderful. I went for some afternoon delight and instead stayed for a delightful afternoon. Kayla is a very passionate lady in many ways. I can't possibly tell you all that transpired But let me say this. She is a smart sexy woman who has very strong opions on isssues that she believes in. One of these is the fair treatment of customers by SPs. This lady likes what she does and shows it. As for paying for her time, If you love the company of women the way I do you simply can't afford not to. This lady is a keeper. She made me understand the true meaning of YMMV (lol) Thanks Kayla See you soon C2

Author: Creedence, Jan/18/2000 21:50:46 [-05 EST]

I saw her a couple of months ago, and she doesn't look like that picture anymore. She is nice enough, but the pictures I saw are what I went on and frankly I was a little disappointed. I love big women more than most men but she didn't dress up to look seductive (granted it was a late incall (11:30 pm)). The experience was rather uninspiring, but I attribute that to her particular mood. I don't know, I have had only 2 incalls - the other one was a DDD black girl that dressed in a sexy bustier and garter getup for the incall session and charged only $100 for the half hour. Kayla charged $150 for the same amount of time. The mood has to be there..that's why I prefer massages....there's that buildup where the girl gets closer and closer and then the reverse builds the mood even more and then the release....a nice neat package...full service isn't even needed to feel satisfied.

Author: Bugsy, Feb/3/2000 20:13:33 [-05 EST]

I recently had a luscious experience with the sexy statuesque love goddess Kayla. Wow. Relaxed welcome, smooth conversation to ease into the highlights, mutual deep administration of our skills with lovers; a bright lady with a lot of character(more that most of her guests(not to mention most other working ladies) and to top it off the added frisson of her cute sister lurking around (not joining in...pity) A GFE? sort of except girl friends don't come in this lush shape typically. ).

Author: thecaller, Feb/4/2000 14:58:23 [-05 EST]

I saw kayla a couple of days ago, and would like to say that it was a completely incredible experience. Multi-talented, client focused, welcoming and calming greeting at the door. Overall i would rate the experience about 8.5 out of 10. Definitely not a clock watcher. Excellent capabilities. Very safe (which is important for me) while at the same time providing good erotic entertainment. I saw a quick glance of her sister who greeted me at the door. She also looks very tasty. In any event, Kayla is definitely what she promises at her site.

Author: clay_h, Feb/10/2000 22:49:12 [-05 EST]

I had the pleasure of seeing Kayla this week. She was very accommodating for my schedule - a late meeting after a dinner meeting with someone from across the pond. I enjoyed her time immensely and was pleased that I had the opportunity to meet ba very unique individual who might be leaving the business in the near future. Kayla - Thanks for a great time! BTW, Happy Birthday!

Author: (No Author), Mar/19/2000 14:22:44 [-05 EST]

First off, a little bit of background about myself is in order as I am not a regular contributor to this board. I consider myself a newbie to this hobby as my experience with escorts is limited to just a few. Thanks to information available from many discussion forums (such as this one), I had the good fortune of always finding and receiving satisfactory service from SPs. I have never been "ripped off" by any SPs. After reading so many positive reviews about Kayla and following her postings on this board I was intrigued. So I booked an appointment with her recently and had a very satisfying and memorable experience. Before reading any further, remember that what happens between a client and a SP depends a lot on their chemistry. So your mileage may vary. A case in point is that one of her earlier reviews commented that she did not look like her pictures, and she did not dress up to look seductive. In a way the review was correct. When Kayla greeted me at the door, she was wearing thin rimmed glasses, a large sweater, jeans, sneakers, and no make-up (that I can detect). She looked very natural and wholesome and, for me, it was a real turn-on. I found Kayla to be down to earth and very intelligent. She has an amazing ability to connect with people. She made me feel at home in my own bedroom very quicky. In the past when I see a new SP, I usually had anxiety problems which tend to impact negatively on my "endurance". (I hope I am not alone on this and may be some of you can relate to this). However Kayla made me so comfortable and relaxed that those problems/worries were not an issue, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Kayla is very good with the technically aspect of the job, and she showed she enjoys what she does. Everything was done in a safe manner. Her touches are very sensual and many times they sent me to heaven. However, I believe what truly separates Kayla from the rest of the SP (that I have seen in the past) is her ability and desire to put herself in clients' shoes and view issues from their perspective. It is my view that Kayla provides a first rate experience for her clients without compromising her own feelings and integrity. She is in a league of her own.

Author: Delli, Apr/2/2000 10:38:58 [-05 EST]

Everybody says it so I guess it would be very monotonous for me to do the same but here goes. Hmmm, what can I say, I am not really a petite type man unless the girl is very freaky but when it comes to the voluptuous woman, I am in awe and Kayla ranks at the top. Those tits are unbelievable and so is her juicy body. She also has a caring and strong personality to match. When I do get a car I will be going back for more and more but for now I will have to settle for outcalls.

Author: shallow throat , Apr/2/2000 11:29:25 [-05 EST]

I just saw her again last week, after a long absense. Right now, I have no free time after work or weekends, so she is tough to reach. We definitely made up for lost time. She is definitely "worth the drive to Weston !!"