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Author: Tbone, Mar/1/2000 07:42:58 [-05 EST]

Well, I saw a review of Nicki at CanBest about her being a drop dead gorgeous so I had to try her. Spent $35 for 30 minutes - when I went to take my shower I noticed her go by and she looked hot! She was very friendly, talked about how she tried to do her best for the customer and she was right. She recommended a Nude Body Rub instead of NR ($100 - seemed high but her level of service was way better than most girls). She did a vigorous massage, then feathery while blowing and licking behind the ears (drove me crazy). She straddles her body around you while allowing you to stroke and massage her. They boarded up the top part of the walls so the sound problem is somewhat reduced. She was amazing in her service and looks - even her body is fantastic - nice full breasts (large for Oriental). She mentioned she worked at Allure last year for a short while, when I told her I stopped going there because they don't have any Oriental girls. She said her mother is Chinese/Vietnamese and her father is Spanish...this gives her that wild exotic look that'll drive you nuts! The release was great - once again a feathery touch with her blowing gently on Mr. Happy (who was at attention for the entire time)...and then after completion, she covered me up and got a hot towel and then cleaned Mr. Happy and all around that area...I've never seen a girl put that much effort in the cleanup. Even after that, she told me to relax and then gave me a very soothing head massage. I tell you guys, she now ranks tied with Grace at Utopia for overall experience (although Grace might win out for being less expensive). She usually works during the day 11:30 am to 6 pm, but I happened to catch her at night. And, she's always busy (probably because she insists on giving you you allotment of time). Highly Recommended. Looks: 10 Body: 10 Massage: 10 Personality: 10 Price: 7 Overall: 9.5

Author: Meow, Mar/1/2000 16:32:49 [-05 EST]

I have seen Nicki too, certainly a gem. However, please treat her well. Forget the dining at Y and digital penetration crap. Just enjoy. Melanie is a different type all together, nothing against her service, always top rated. One thing I found is once a girl get good reviews, often because of the increased workload her service generally spiral downwards. This girl is worth is, please please treat her well and do not over work her..

Author: shallow throat , Mar/8/2000 15:20:21 [-05 EST]

Today, I just came from seeing the newest sensation, Nikki. All I can say is that all the reports are true. She is a beautiful oriental girl and she is also slender and busty, though a little more petite than Holly. She really does pamper you and she has an incredible blowing technique. She uses her hands and streams of AIR gentley over your body, it felt great. I kidded her about the technique, calling it a different kind of "BLOW" job (too bad the real kind isn't available !)

Author: the guy, Mar/10/2000 20:51:33 [-05 EST]

went to Younge 490a today, only one working there was Nikki. You were right, she is really good. she gives a really good message, made my neck feel great. She is pretty quiet but she knows what she is doing. While caressing her lovely breasts she noted she did not like to have her nipples squeezed. Also she mentioned that she prefered to give the 45 min message. She said in that amount of time she give you a complete message and have you out without missing a beat. She said that with the 60 min she runs out of things to do. Nikki also mentioned that the other ladies prefered that amount of time as well.

Author: MoneySpender, Mar/13/2000 13:37:28 [-05 EST]

Simple metric at 490 Yonge: Nikki the Oriental is top-shelf: gorgeous, slow, teas-y, and...EXPENSIVE. She is actually interested in quality and your approval. She is a rarity. I spend a lot of money, and you'd be surprised how often I get value for my money. Maybe no one else here will admit it, but I like to be seduced. I spend a lot of time being a ball-buster in my real-life, and I like to lie down and let a gorgeous woman seduce me. Nikki fits the bill. She will not do bj or bbj, so forget it. But within the context of regular MP groundrules, she does about the best she can do. She also has been moderately trained in Shiatsu and has worked extensively on my neck (post haste, of course;) By the way, the picture on 490's website doesn't do her justice--she's a knockout. Next up: Chanel: Great body, not too pretty, very pedestrian service. Fine, but not great. Nothing erotic about her that she brings to the service. Raquel looks sexy on the site, but trust me, she's not. She's pretty trashy. She's a very sweet girl, but not sexy. Haven't had anyone else, so can't comment....

Author: leo, Mar/13/2000 14:22:50 [-05 EST]

Your decription of Nikki is dead on. I feel somewhat responsible about all the attention to Nikki, since I wrote the 1st 'drop dead gorgeous' review - now it appears her prices have gone up and she has become really busy. But well worth it - she deserves every bit of it. I also agree with you about Raquel - not a repeat. I have also tried Roxanne - a really excellent body slide - and a nice body. She does try hard, and has a delightful Quebecois accent, but otherwise fairly conventional. Probably not a repeat. I would like to meet Holly given all the positive reviews, but, alas, she is never ther when I am. I have seen, but not been with Jasmin. From a distance she looks very sexy.

Author: rob, Mar/17/2000 18:39:19 [-05 EST]

Saw Nikki at 490A - whoa, what a treat. Great great massage. One of the all time best (within, of course, the limits of the mp world. no extras, but who needs them with massage and finishing technique like hers. Very pretty and all natural. Amazing customer care.