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Author: Night Crawler, Feb/10/2000 08:50:37 [-05 EST]

Saw Brianna of Paradise escorts. What can I say she the best bang for your buck. She arrived on time to my hotelroom and my jaw hit the ground. She was every bit as beautiful as Charlene (the phone attendant) discribed her. I would almost go as far as comparing her to Pamela Anderson but only not as busty, although she is *****l natural 36C-22-32. My time spent with her was an absolute exasperating and I mean that in the best way possible. At the rate of $145.00/hr this agency will definately do well if it hires talent like Brianna and keeps it's prices down. I have booked an appointment with Camille (the hardbody on the Paradise web site) this Friday.

Author: chris, Feb/12/2000 01:14:27 [-05 EST]

I saw Brianna tonight and disagree that the time spent was incredible. I found her fairly cold and inexperienced. Perhaps the owner of the agency wrote the review

Author: Randy, Feb/17/2000 02:35:57 [-05 EST]

Well it was my last night in TO and I was feeling quiet 'RANDY' so I decided to contact Paradise Escorts and make it a most memorable one. I spoke with Charlene, the phone girl (what a sweetheart) who convinced me to see Brianna first. Oddly enough I saw all 3 ladies in alphabetical order. Brianna arrived to my hotelroom right on time. This Blonde Bombshell looked exactly as described on the web site, also photo is 100% authentic. She looks like one of those models ripped from the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She has a perfectly toned tight body, naturally busty (a true 'C'cup). Service provided was safe and BJ-service was performed the best of all 3. Her method of long, slow, pulsing strokes nearly made my eyes burst out of my head! F-service was incredible, open to different positions, she really gets into it. Her soft sweet moans are still ringing in my ears! Looks:10 Body:10 Service:9.5 GFE:8.0 Next I saw Camille. Unfortunately, I had to wait about 1hr before she came to my hotelroom. Charlene assured me that I would be her first client but I highly doubt that since she arrived at 11:00pm (then again who cares, she's stunning). Once again photo's are authentic. Camille has an awesome body like Brianna, busty, toned and trim. BJ-service needed some guidance but she got it right eventually. F-service was great, her body looked so good from that stand point. She looks like one of those 20 Minute Workout aerobic instructors and that's exactly what we did. Looks:10.0 Body:10.0 Service:9.0 GFE:8.0 Finally I saw Tarra, although she is not as busty as Brianna and Camille ('B'cup) this lady has a lot of lovin to give. She gave me an incredible full body massage (just what the doctor ordered especially after seeing Brianna and Camille). What can I say, this lady definately knows how to treat a man in the bedroom. Looks:7.5 Body:7.5 Service:9.0 GFE:8.0 In the end my experience with Paradise was great and I do want to thank Brianna, Camille and Tarra for the best night of my life and Charlene for her honest descriptions. I wish her all the best with her new agency. Keep up the good work!

Author: Joe, Feb/17/2000 09:39:31 [-05 EST]

I have seen Camille and Brianna and it sounds very accurate to me. Camille does need to work on her BJ.

Author: Ivan, Feb/23/2000 00:27:04 [-05 EST]

Saw Kelly of Paradise tonight. Her photo's and description are not on the web yet. She's a perfect blonde beauty. Perfect body, beautiful face, naturally busty and performs well and looks great doing it (YMMV). Description was 100% accurate, does have some rules but nothing out of the ordinary, put it this way, I extended another hour. A definate asset to the company and I will be calling back to see her or Brianna later on in the week. I used to use Fantasy Nights but have decided to switch over to Paradise. The quality of the girls, booking my appointment, the entire package in general is a much better experience. Fantasy Nights is a great service as well with competative rates but the bottom line is the quality of lady who shows up at my front door has always been a slight disapointment. This is the first review I have posted on Paradise Escorts but I have seen a couple of their ladies and havn't been disappointed yet. I hope they will continue to offer young beautiful ladies at there presently posted prices. WARNING: I did notice the downtown rate increased from $145.00/hr to $150.00/hr, not a big jump but definately something to keep an eye on.

Author: Da Man, Feb/26/2000 02:54:42 [-05 EST]

Had an appointment with Kendall from Paradise ... Here's my two sense worth ... Looks: 7 Service: 8.5 Attitude: 10

Author: yaho, Mar/8/2000 23:11:13 [-05 EST]

I am a new hobbier. Good reviews from the board on Paradise Escorts had me give them a call last week. Asked for Briana since she had one good review (at least), but she's unavailable that night. Paradise offered me another girl, called Sylvan. Sylvan was very young and very cute. Nice girl, good conversational and very friendly. Sevice was excellent. I would say I have a session with Sylvan, 110% satisfactory. To repeat, I called Paradise again tonight but Sylvan was on vacation. So I requested for Briana since I missed her last time. To my surprise, Briana's drop dead gorgous, but looks cool.As for her service, well, it was so rushed that she called her driver and wanted to leave after the BJ. I would say the session was imcomplete because we didn't even have s.. Paid for one hour but disappeared after 20 minutes. I was totally disapponted and have a feeling of being cheated. I garantee that I treated both girls the same, very nice and gentle. Never asked or force them to do anything they don't want to. I just don't understand that how come girls from the same agency will have such a big difference as far as service level and attitude concern. Should I still trust this agency?

Author: Nightcrawler, Mar/11/2000 03:54:02 [-05 EST]

I tend to agree with Onan. I have had the same experience in the past with girls thinking it's one "strike" and your out even if its only 1/2 and hour. I've herd about siobahnn and it seems that all the reviews are good. I spoke to Dan and he said that she will be back in the next couple of weeks and possibly even this week comming up. As for Brianna I'm very surprised to hear that you didn't like her. I had a date with her and not only is she hot but she really knows what to do! We talked and she stayed for the full time I can't say that I was dissappointed. I believe that you may have felt cheated but hey, everyone has their bad days.

Author: BDP, Mar/11/2000 22:47:46 [-05 EST

I must say that I have just gone to Paradise. I don't know if anyone else has seen Kelly from Paradise but I guarentee that this girl is a knockout. I just had a date with this lovely lady and I can't believe how amazing she was. At first I wasn't sure what to expect, I mean, how many times have you heard something like "this girl is a model" or she's a "feature". For once it was absolutely TRUE! From the second I opened my door I was taken back, the beauty was one thing but she was dressed for success and carried herself well. Not only was I physically impressed but I was impressed with her intellengence. It was the total package. I got a FULL hour and and the service was at least a 9.5. Even after I was done she stayed and talked, I can't believe it a girl that wasn't in a rush to escape. Apparently she is still new to Paradise and hasn't had a chance to take pictures (that's why you won't find her on their site). I don't know if anyone else has seen this woman but if you have I'd like to hear how she was with you?

Author: KRS-1, Mar/12/2000 01:11:59 [-05 EST]

Since you asked, here's my review: This was my first trial with Paradise. They described Kelly to me accurately - tall shapely blonde, but not quite the gorgeous model you describe. Thats where the good points end. The service was extremely cold, mechanical and rushed. She's as far from a GFE as possible - her mouth doesn't touch anything not covered with latex, nor will she let you kiss her body anywhere. And she only stayed for half an hour, although I'd paid for the full hour. Not that it mattered, because I was so turned off by her *****y and all-business attitude, that I just wanted to get it over with. In fact, she arrived fifteen minutes early! Wanna know why? Because she probably rushed the last call to get to my place earlier than expected, and she was probably going to do the same at the next one. Another hobbyist that I correspond regularly with had the EXACT same experience with Kelly, so I dont think YMMV was a factor. It may have been if I was the only one, but when the same thing happens twice on separate occasions with two different clients, its obviously her standard pattern. Kelly was a total waste of money, and one of my most dissapointing SP experiences ever. Its unfortunate that this was my first (and only) experience with Paradise, because I've dealt with Danny before when he was at EC, and he was always helpful and professional.

Author: mac, Mar/12/2000 05:15:38 [-05 EST]

She rushed through the whole time and was gone in half an hour. She pretty much is accountable for my not using Paradise again. She was all business and is so far from a GFE that there is no chance at all that she is a YMMV kind of girl.

Author: BeeAu, Mar/12/2000 13:08:37 [-05 EST]

Totally agree with KRS-1 and mac. Seeing Kelly is a total waste of time and money. No kissing anywhere and no touching anywhere. I might have gotten a better mileage than KRS-1 and mac did because she didn't leave in 30 minutes, she left in about 35 minutes! Won't repeat. Dan sounds like a good guy, and Charlene at the front desk has been helpful and enthusiastic, but services from most of the Paradise girls I've seen are bad: Brianna: Though she has a nice body (look is just okay to me), but when I saw her about a month ago, she was late for four hours (booked for 8:30 p.m., arrived at 12:55 a.m.). Charlene said it's because of the bad traffic due to the weather situation. I bought that story as TO was hit by that big snow storm that night. Okay, when Brianna finally came and she looked like she was stoned. I probed her the reason for the delay, she said she just had a 3-hour appointment with another client, nothing to do with the traffic! (Charlene assured me that I would be her first client and the delay was uncontrollable!). For the whole hour, she was hiding underneath the blanket claiming cold (the temp. in my house was set at 23 C, and she was still feeling cold!); and she was yawning all the time saying she only got two hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. My sympathy to her but that's none of my business. No kissing, minimal touching. I was totally turned off so mission unaccomplished. Same as Kelly, total waste of time and money. Definitely won't repeat. Sonali: She really seemed like she was 11 lbs. as described in the website. Very petite West Indian, good attitude but doesn't have the type of look I like. Had restrictions but very wild in the act. "Sounded" like she was enjoying it a lot. Won't repeat just because of the look. Camille: Girl-next-door look, very nice body, bubbly personality. Lots of restrictions, and same as other Paradise girls, service was rush, didn't stay for the whole hour. The first time I saw her, she only gave me the bj as she said she felt sored from her busy schedule. I was so naive buying her story until last night she gave me the s**t again! Definitely won't repeat. Lana: Too bad she left Paradise. She was the only Paradise girl whom I found satisfactory. YMMV? Maybe. After seeing these girls, you may have a lower self esteem as they make you wonder if you stink or something. Fortunately for me, I always get very good services from Select and Allison's Angels, and quite often from EC. The fact that a few girls gave me their cell numbers and we did go out on civilian dates helps a bit after those experience to the Paradise!

Author: Adam, Mar/13/2000 14:02:29 [-05 EST]

You should try Siobhan from won't be left before your time is up and she is warm...she's new as well, hasn't been there for a bit, I wonder if she's coming back at all. But, she's not a waste of money at all. She makes you feel special..

Author: yaho, Mar/8/2000 23:11:13 [-05 EST]

Siobhan was very young and very cute. Nice girl, good conversational and very friendly. Sevice was excellent. I would say I have a session with Siobhan, 110% satisfactory. To repeat, I called Paradise again tonight but Siobhan was on vacation.

Author: Metro, Mar/20/2000 19:45:36 [-05 EST]

Hi. I'm a first time contributor, giving back for the great help I received from this site. I'm breaking down my review into two parts so to avoid name calling and give an objective review. PART 1 - The Person. Brianna was a nice, attractive girl with a great body. She appears smaller in person then on the web. Her breasts are fabulous!! If I had breasts like that I would never leave the house!! :-) They are a perfect shape, firm with small nipples. She has no problem carrying on a conversation, we talked for the first 20 minutes about a variety of things. PART 2 - The Service I would call the service OK. Everything is done with safety in mind. I'm no expert, but I found the technique or lack there of, did not do a whole lot for me. I experienced E.D.(erectional disfunction), something I have not experienced in the past. For me to get aroused it has to be a two way street and this was very much a one way. With no touching below the waist and limited above it was hard to get in the mood. I need to be doing something and with such limitations it was hard to get aroused. No pun intended. :-) She stayed for the full hour and was very nice when she left. After all that I have to be honest and say that I would probably call her again just to see that great body and breasts. Did I mention they where perfect!! On the GFE I would say a 3/10. Everything here is my opinion but I tried to be honest and objective as possible.

Author: John (UK), Mar/22/2000 17:32:39 [-05 EST]

I have been in Toronto for a week now. I saw Camille from Paradise my first night here. I enjoyed the experience so much, I saw her twice more in the space of a week. She has a great body, and a very pretty face. The photos on the website is very accurate. I found her to be excellent company, she was great to talk to, the time flew by. The service was excellent, and her attitude matched. She really seems to enjoy her work. She also has a tongue ring which makes for great bj. Trust me guys, paradise is the place to go.