Good Agencies in Montreal

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Author: Good Samaritan , May/6/2000 03:48:18

MtlFan, The better known ones are Fantasme and Agence xxx. I've had great experiences from both agencies. But then again, I've gotten some duds as well. At the moment I'd give a slight edge to Agence xxx since they seem to be getting the benefit of defections of some of the better talent from Fantasme. If you are fluent in french, I suggest Messuer Jacques. He's the godfather of the unlimited service policies in Montreal. Give him a call, tell him what you want. The unfortunate thing about Montreal is that its starting to attract a lot of gringo business from south of the border. Hence you have the "Americanized" agencies that are catering to US clients who are used of one shot experiences from members of the untouchables. Finding a good uninhibited GFE in those agencies is like sifting through a minefield, as none of the agency owners will "steer" you to your service preferences. You can pretty much say what you want at Agence xxx, Jacques and Fantasme. You also have the right to send her back if you don't like the escort prior to the session. One novel thing is that most of the ladies will ask if you want them to stay. You might also look into Private Lies. They also have an outcall service. Chloe and in particular Niko over there are pretty straight shooters. I won't make any specific recommendations. What's one man's meat is another man's poison. I think there are plenty leads on the boards at Good Luck..and good hunting... Good Sam