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Author: fuziguy , Apr/1/2000 22:37:24

I had the pleasure of Emily's company last week while in Montreal. She can be booked through Montreal Escorts (www.montrealescorts.com). They were very accomodating, especially as I had to delay my appointment twice. Emily is a very friendly, engaging and attractive young woman. Very comfortable to be with, attentive and good-humoured. I would definitely see her again (and hope to!).

Author: toc, Apr/27/2000 16:39:26

I assume this post was about Emily of Heartbreakers...their Web site is called Montrealescorts.com... I saw Emily last time I was in town, and could not agree more. She was very attractive (picture a younger, prettier Geena Davis), intelligent, fun to be with and a joy in the rack. A repeat for sure.