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490A Yonge

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On 2000-08-17 at 16:23:34
Service: MP
Location: 490ayonge st
Girls Name: jezebel
Your Name: swept away
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: I had been to the spa before, and had a good time. But last week I had this new girl that looked like xena, she had the most amazing hands ever. She really new how to make me relax. She even mentioned that she was into fetish. Her approch was great. She obviously was a professional, but still open minded. She loved being seductive with her lingere, and once naked I was astounted to find her breasts were real. And she loved to be massaged back. The best $100 tip ever for the kinky gentleman.

On 2000-08-20 at 04:28:24
Service: MP
Girls Name: Shannow
Bus Name: Downtown Spa
Web Site:
Your Name: Wildman
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: All I have to say guys is try Shannon. It was worth every cent. Maybe not now, but at the time and the days to follow, it was worth it.

On 2000-08-25 at 03:56:40
Service: MP
Location: 490 yonge
Girls Name: Mary
Your Name: Tim
Review: Mary, is the lady of premium sensuality. If you want the skillful hands of a great massage she will get all the kinks out of you especially the nether region. But to experience in it's all entirety you must get the nude massage a mere $80 (on top of the base massage paid at the desk)(it's such a waste if you get a basic) for the beautiful irridesence she gives off. Fair skin,dark hair, and pail blue eyes, her intensity is unmatched to other attendants I have seen. if you want a conversation, and amazing massaage from the heart, you definetly have to give Mary a visit. Her slender body (not boney) and firm breasts of about a handful (I prefer larger) the shaven midsection will make you come back for more. Watch out for her wild side of spanking, something that she still finds discomforting but her smile is devil-ishly cute.

On 2000-06-29 at 16:56:31
Your Name: John F. Kennedy
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: Received a massage from Holly at 490A recently. Holly is an attractive blonde, 5'6" to 5'8" in heels with a great figure. Opted for NR ($80). Massage was decent with some sultry talk and teasing of the lower regions (while on my stomach). Reverse was very good; she let my hands wander, (of course, YMMV). She seemed to really enjoy the reverse. Good release with some dirty talk. In summary, Holly is an attractive woman with great massage technique. Even if some of her performance was worthy of Academy Award nomination, she does make it seem like she is enjoying every minute of your session, which maximizes the recipient's enjoyment. JFK


Author: Gruntr, Jan/14/2000 18:55:11 [-05 EST]

This place offers a 20(25?) minute special during the day for $25.Jasmine is a pretty,slim girl who many may pass by as she has very small breasts.However when I was there she gave incredible mileage in the form of a middle ground of NR and body slide for the price of a nude.Otherwise she is not terribly enthusiastic.

Author: Tbone, Mar/1/2000 07:42:58 [-05 EST]

Well, I saw a review of Nicki at CanBest about her being a drop dead gorgeous so I had to try her. Spent $35 for 30 minutes - when I went to take my shower I noticed her go by and she looked hot! She was very friendly, talked about how she tried to do her best for the customer and she was right. She recommended a Nude Body Rub instead of NR ($100 - seemed high but her level of service was way better than most girls). She did a vigorous massage, then feathery while blowing and licking behind the ears (drove me crazy). She straddles her body around you while allowing you to stroke and massage her. They boarded up the top part of the walls so the sound problem is somewhat reduced. She was amazing in her service and looks - even her body is fantastic - nice full breasts (large for Oriental). She mentioned she worked at Allure last year for a short while, when I told her I stopped going there because they don't have any Oriental girls. She said her mother is Chinese/Vietnamese and her father is Spanish...this gives her that wild exotic look that'll drive you nuts! The release was great - once again a feathery touch with her blowing gently on Mr. Happy (who was at attention for the entire time)...and then after completion, she covered me up and got a hot towel and then cleaned Mr. Happy and all around that area...I've never seen a girl put that much effort in the cleanup. Even after that, she told me to relax and then gave me a very soothing head massage. I tell you guys, she now ranks tied with Grace at Utopia for overall experience (although Grace might win out for being less expensive). She usually works during the day 11:30 am to 6 pm, but I happened to catch her at night. And, she's always busy (probably because she insists on giving you you allotment of time). Highly Recommended. Looks: 10 Body: 10 Massage: 10 Personality: 10 Price: 7 Overall: 9.5

Author: shallow throat , Mar/8/2000 15:20:21 [-05 EST]

First Holly. As I have stated before on this board, she is a knockout. Blonde, model looks, with a slender, yet busty, figure and curves in the right places. I have known her since her days at 50 Yorkville and we have always had great sessions and great chemistry. I saw her again last week and, once again, she was truly "inspirational". Today, I just came from seeing the newest sensation, Nikki. All I can say is that all the reports are true. She is a beautiful oriental girl and she is also slender and busty, though a little more petite than Holly. She really does pamper you and she has an incredible blowing technique. She uses her hands and streams of AIR gentley over your body, it felt great. I kidded her about the technique, calling it a different kind of "BLOW" job (too bad the real kind isn't available !) The Bottom line is.. you can't go wrong with either of these two.

Author: MoneySpender, Mar/13/2000 13:37:28 [-05 EST]

Simple metric at 490 Yonge: Nikki the Oriental is top-shelf: gorgeous, slow, teas-y, and...EXPENSIVE. She is actually interested in quality and your approval. She is a rarity. I spend a lot of money, and you'd be surprised how often I get value for my money. Maybe no one else here will admit it, but I like to be seduced. I spend a lot of time being a ball-buster in my real-life, and I like to lie down and let a gorgeous woman seduce me. Nikki fits the bill. She will not do bj or bbj, so forget it. But within the context of regular MP groundrules, she does about the best she can do. She also has been moderately trained in Shiatsu and has worked extensively on my neck (post haste, of course;) By the way, the picture on 490's website doesn't do her justice--she's a knockout. Next up: Chanel: Great body, not too pretty, very pedestrian service. Fine, but not great. Nothing erotic about her that she brings to the service. Raquel looks sexy on the site, but trust me, she's not. She's pretty trashy. She's a very sweet girl, but not sexy. Haven't had anyone else, so can't comment....

Author: rob, Mar/17/2000 18:39:19 [-05 EST]

Saw Nikki at 490A - whoa, what a treat. Great great massage. One of the all time best (within, of course, the limits of the mp world. no extras, but who needs them with massage and finishing technique like hers. Very pretty and all natural. Amazing customer care.

Author: Bad Dog, Mar/17/2000 23:46:51 [-05 EST]

At the recent TERB Committee meeting, I had won the gift voucher for 30 minutes free massage at the Toronto Downtown Spa at 490A Yonge Street. I finally trundled down there this evening and for $15 upgraded the voucher to 45 minutes ($45 value). I selected Shannon who is an attractive blonde with a nice body and friendly personality. I am not a MP afficionado, outcalls is more my line, and I had gone down with the intention of getting my stress relieved with a straight relaxing massage. Shannon explained the extras, topless, nude, reverse nude and body-slide at which point never having had a body slide before I decided to try it out. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Shannon's breasts are medium-sized, and when oiled felt wonderfully squishy against my body. First she applied oil to herself, and allowed me to work it into her breasts. Then she straddled me and rubbed her body and breasts up and down my back, first lengthways, then sideways. The tickling of her pubic hair was a delightful counterpoint to the smoothness of her oiled body. I could turn my head and watch her in the large mirror beside the table. Then she had me roll over and did the same thing to my front, spending extra time on my nether regions. After a suitable period she invited me to straddle her and I finished between her breasts. It was an amazingly sensual and sensuous thing to experience for the first time. I would recommend a body-slide especially to those like me who spend most of their hobby money on escorts, just as a new sensation to try. The body slide was $110 on top of the massage fee. 490A Yonge St. is clean and sanitary looking. Rooms are nice with fluorescent lights and an abundance of towels. I was invited to take a shower after, but declined. Two issues: I paid for 45 minutes, but the experience was over in 30. I would have liked my shoulders rubbed a bit for the remaining time. Also, there was only one hook in the room, I had to drape my clothes on a chair. Minor quibbles, however, for an enjoyable experience with a pleasant and attractive young woman.

Author: MoneySpender, Mar/20/2000 10:30:18 [-05 EST]

Hey, I'm a veteran, and I know that the place is on Yonge, and that the nature of the business is fairly sleazy, but still, I had an experience at 490 Yonge on Friday that stopped me from spending one more nickel there. As many of you know, I have raved about Nikki, the top-shelf Oriental girl.... Went on Friday, and escorted to the back room, where all the girls sit and talk trash (the barber chairs). Got the Egyptian girl, who I didn't realize has a horrifying boob job, and just the worst kind of bored way about her (hey, I know it ain't the best job in the world, but still...). The room was cold, the girls outside were screaming at each other about their boyfriends beating them up (charming, really). As I always do, I ponied up $100 on the front end, and yet still walked out after 5 minutes. As we all know, there's good trashy, and there's bad trashy. This is bad. Boycott this sleazy pen...I think there will always be the low-end of the business, but I have this feeling that people like me--who have absolutely no moral or ethical problem with MP/SP's--will continue to demand that the sleaze be shoved aside in favour of client service a la Bijoux. I tell you, I am so tired of spending Fat Dollars (usually $200 per pop for a massage) for service that borders on contempt. You would think that Lou at 490, who seems, based on this board, to be sensitive to client's needs, would round up all the dogs in his shop and toss them out on their ear, and hire 1000 Nikki's. You would think that he turn down the trash metal music and put some sound baffling in, and make the place more intimate (c'mon, humour me a bit--make it semi-erotic, rather than some open-air sleaze pit with cat-fights). Aaaaaarggggggggggh. Why are the owners always so stupid. Maybe because the clients are.... All sexy MP's contact me at the address above for dalliances...

Author: bluefeature, Mar/31/2000 21:52:15 [-05 EST]

Due to extreme financial constraints, it's been awhile since I've had some "fun". A small ship came in for me during the week so I decided to check out a place that lots of you have posted on - 490a Yonge St. I got there just after it opened and met Lou - nice guy. I wouldn't say it's the most inviting environment I've been in but at least it's clean (I prefer soft warm light over neon). Anyhoo, Raquel turned out to be my attendant. She's pretty and talkative - all good things. However, she's spent a lot of time complaining about the place and the job - especially the job. I went for the basics 'cause I can't afford much else, and for a good part of the session, Raquel complained about all the guys that just go for the basic rub-down. Needless to say, it made me feel guilty and who wants to feel guilty when you're going for an erotic massage? Ya know, I'm sorry that I couldn't get the topless, reverse or nude, and I'm sorry that I couldn't put more money into her pockets, but I felt that even if I had the cash, I wouldn't give it to someone who does nothing but whine. In all fairness, she did a great massage with a nice release, but she also commented that "only the real cheap ones don't tip, and if they do, it's only $5". So guess what, at the end I tipped $10 - I sure would've felt like a heel if I hadn't. In the past, when I've had the cash, I've always gone for extras when I could (if the attendant was a turn-on). And I sure have tipped when I had a good time - but this was the first time I've been guilted into it.... Hate to say it, but it turns me off the place.

Author: Newbie, Apr/9/2000 01:54:51 [-05 EST] [DST]

I had my first MP experience Friday with Jasmine at 490A Yonge & went for the nude reverse. As it was my 1st experience the review is based on limited for comparison. Fascility: Comfortable - No real complaints. Place was kept warm. Was not offered any selection/preference but would be less shy on asking myself next time. No shower in the room (room is very small) & was not asked to take one before hand. Jasmine - Appearance 9/10. Awesome hardbody. Said she was a dancer and I believe her. - Personality - 7/10 We had some polite conversation. I'm sort of quiet myself so to have a lot of conversation with me she needs to be really outgoing. - Massage - 8/10 Non release portion of the massage was very relaxing. - Release Portion - 8/10 Definately seemed to know what she was doing, and was not rushed. Also, I must admit, it is quite nice to have a beautiful women clean you up afterward. - Naughtiness Factor - 5/10 Didn't mind sucking on her breasts or very light touching/kissing of the kitty.

Author: Rob, May/17/2000

Saw Bianca at 490A. Worth the visit, but as with Holly and Nikki, you're paying a good sum for the service. Premium price: premium girl. Great natural figure, nice breasts, on the smallish side, but well shaped. Pretty face. Pics are accurate. Nice personality. Absolutely super massage. Good finish.


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