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Author: Mr.E Feb 28,2000
Committee Review

I visited Filmores on a Saturday night at around 9 PM, there were not many people inside about 25. There were only 3 dancers wandering around, more appeared over time to a total of 7 dancers. They did not seem to be anxious for business, they would sit around or talk with regulars, not much table dancing going on, saw one done over the two hours. The couch section was basicly empty at all times, except when a couple people sat down to talk. The dancers themselves were girl next door types, ranging from plain Jane to semi attractive, no one ( IMHO) that rated the $20/ dance. The stage action was not steady, there were 10 to 15 min breaks in the action. The waitress I had was cute, very nice and attentive, she did present herself in a professional and friendly manner. She was dressed real nice and showed a lot of cleavage. Beer was $5.25 with her, another waitress in another section wanted to charge me $5.50, ( I had moved sections to see what was going on in another area). Just to the north of the stage there is a set of stairs that lead up. I thought it was for the upstairs bar. There were guys and girls going up the stairs and spending some time up there, I went to check and found the up stairs bar closed, the exit door is alarmed, only other door lead into the hotel. I did not check that out but it makes me wonder what is going on in that area. I left at 11pm, mostly out of boredom, it was not like it was 10 years ago!!!