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House of Lancaster II

Telephone: 534-2386
Location: 1215 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Hours of Operation:
Web Site:


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On 2000-05-30 at 20:49:48
Location: House of Lanchaster Queensway
Girls Name: Toya
Your Name: JIJI
Review: If you like black girls she is one of the best. Super friendly, hard hard working. Usually I don't waste my money on private dances but I walked away very happy. Did I say walk more like limped. I had a great time with her.

Author: enduser Date: 2000-05-26 at 16:18:12

Location: Bloor Street West
Name: House of Lancaster 2

Review: Hi, Well, I attended at the house of Lancaster on a thursday at four in the afternoon. Sadly, this was a terrible time four girls were talking to each other. And the girl on stage was lackluster. The place was just dead . I had a beer and sat down. Some of the women walking around outside were hotter than the one's inside. Unfortunately I have to echo other reviewers here. Hol2 is just not as hot as it once was. Beer $5.00. Sorry guys but the talent just wasnt there. Enduser :)

Author: Yuri, Apr/1/2000 13:41:30 [-05 EST]

HOL 2 mostly frequented by European Strippers, mostly Hungarian & Russian and 2nd Batch are Latin. Latin dancers are fairly good looking, and hustle like crazy for money, but dances upstairs are lame. Hungarian Dancers are the Big ones you may be refering too. These girls are built for the track & field team for Hungary. Big (ie large frame). dances are not worth the $20/song. YMMV if dancer is in good mood, but may have to experiment with 3-4 dancers. to expensive of an operation for my taste. Mostly peek-a-boo version, definitely no touching, as Door Men upstairs keep a watchful eye, including cameras. Place has been busted by Toronto's Finest, in the past, so girls are worried about being ticketed and losing their Work VISA/PERMITs. HOL 2 does have good food though. Consider bar as a place for quick view & exit. Better clubs elsewhere.

Author: enduser, Apr/2/2000 17:34:57 [-05 EST]

Hi, HOL2 is probably on our review list for next month. But as for what's up with them its hard to tell. There may be a shortage of talent. I have heard that many grils are travelling farther a field for better rates of return. Also, the $20.00 per table dance might seem ok to you, but in 1990 it was $5.00 then in 1993 it was ten and then in 1995 it was fifteen and now it's twenty. Personally, I think prices have risen too high and girls just can't bring in the money. I mean a few hot ones might but for the average girl to get $80 bucks for 16 minuites, is just a little over the top. Inflation for most things has been zero over the last ten years. For Strippers it's been four hundred percent. Personally, I think they priced themselves out of the marketplace. Enduser :-)


Author: Julie Fantiny, Mar/17/2000 08:43:59 [-05 EST]

Made the trip back to HOL II last night as I hadn't been there in a while. I saw a large number of girls come in before 10:00 (12-15). However, there were the following negatives: 1) For some reason, many of the girls who came in hung out in the changeroom for most of the night (what's with that?), 2) There were too many waitresses for the size of the crowd so that everyone was constantly harassed to buy drinks, 3) I guess Thurs nights are are sellers market for the girls because the mileage was not at its usual level, and 4) A number of girls came on the stage as duos, but didn't have anything to do with one another (they looked liked they did it just to get their stage stints over with). Therefore the stage shows sucked. Maybe it was just the night. Given the good times I've had in the past, I probably check it out again another time.


Author: Glock, Mar/10/2000 21:59:00 [-05 EST]

Just came back from my first visit to HOL II.. I could not believe how amy girls were working at 3 in th afternoon! Unfortuatly, most were 5's and 6's. But there were a few "diamonds in the rough" so to speak. Went upstairs with Layla, tall red head (About a 7 in looks, 9 in friendlyness) and had a pretty good time. Milage was pretty good, lots of touching ....... but that was about it. What is it like there in the evenings?


Author: BBW Lover, Feb/23/2000 11:03:52 [-05 EST]

Hi Everyone, I had an experience at HOL II a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share it with you. I was getting a dance upstairs with a beautiful platnium blonde, tall and voluptuous, I think her name was nicolette...a real looker if you like those types. Well she was doing her dance and I was obeying the rules, when a bouncer comes by and accuses me of masturbating. My fly was done up and my hands were no where near that area. Well I got really mad....has anyone ever had this experience. Nicolette was also upset because she knew I did nothing. Oh well....your thoughts guys and gals.




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