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Author: (Pending), Feb 28, 2000
Committee Review

Kennedy's I revisited this place after having been there a couple of times just after it opened in October. As far as decor and general ambiance this place rates very highly, the interior still looks great. On each occasion I have been there the availablity of girls for dances is very low, they seem to like to sit and talk to the "regulars" and show very little interest in anybody else!! That included an evening when I was there as part of a "stag" group for my son's wedding in October, when only one girl showed any interest and she (Naomi) said she was just "visiting" from the Runway for the night!! If you want a club where you can play pool, watch big screen TV, get reasonably priced drinks and "girl watch" on stage it's fine; if you are looking to have a close dance with a choice of girls look elsewhere. It's a place you can take your son or your father without too many worries!! A last point on my two more recent visits the looks of the girls seemed to have deteriorated somewhat, but that may be my taste rather than a general situation.

Author: DirtySanchez, Mar/8/2000 13:28:21 [-05 EST]

Ok... i admit it's a slow day here at work so i have time to post again with yet another review. Just a week or so ago i was introduced to this club (Kennedy's) by a friend who works in the area. It was a Monday night so we weren't expecting the A material but we were pleasantly surprised. This place is very new and it is really an interesting design. The place is VERY open with an abnormally large almost sports bar like area where you come in. This is especially nice if you come across the bottom of the batting order if you know what i mean! Again this club is low on mileage and privacy but overall not a bad place. Beer price is a reasonable 4.25 at night and a down right cheap 3.25 during the day!! I personally have not been there during the day however my good friend said he has had many lunches there and the food is damn good too! While the dancers aren't exactly 10's across the board you do get an interesting mix (this one Pantera is a freak but boy does she put on a show!!) The location is a little out of the way so unless you're in the area it not really worth your while, but definately a place i'd eat my lunch in!! Happy hunting!



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