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On 2000-09-13 at 05:34:44
Service: MP
Girls Name: Kara
Your Name: Tony
Review: Kara advertises in Now, eye under the title of Primal Knead and in the Reda Zone in the massage section. She says that she studied massage for 10 years and she offeres various sessions. I booked her for full service session, she looks pretty but a little bit old, nice smile. Her apartment was the only good thing in the session.

Back to the service, nothing at all, very poor massage, clock watcher, just one fast pushy shot and then kicked out fastly. I stayed in her aprtment for about 15 minutes after paying $200.

Something so strange about her, she has two faces, the nice face which you will see before paying the money and the ugly face which you will see after paying. Another thing, she smells so bad.

Stay away and save your money and do not be deceived by the nice ad in the Red Zone or in eye or in now.


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