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Alina Lust
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On 2000-07-08 at 23:31:34
Service: Independent SP
Location: Brampton
Girls Name: Alina Lust
Your Name: RSquared
Review: A pleasant young woman originally from la belle province. The pictures of her I had seen previously are not very good, she is much better looking in person. Vital statistics can be found elsewhere, but to summarize: early twenties, a little over 5 foot, wonderful cleavage. A pleasant encounter overall.

Author: B.V.L.M. Date: May-31-00, 05:13 PM

I had the chance to see Alina Lust the other day and she was pretty good. She is a little over weight, but not too bad at all. I had a great time. The bj was fairly decent, and the rest was good too. Liked to talk a bit, but was fairly shy. I would recommend her, but as always YMMV. Treat her good and she will do the same to you .


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