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Author: C2 Date: Friday, Feb 18, 2000- 08:27 pm

She is soft gentle and a little bit shy. She has one of the prettiest smiles I have seen. Dana is very quiet until you get to know her. But that doesn't take very long, She is a very passionate lady that knows how you want to be treated. Long blonde hair large natural breasts very pretty and very sexy. Treat her like a lady and she will treat you to a good time. I have been seeing Dana off and on for about 2 years. I allways enjoy her stay and I think she enjoys seeing me. That is part of her charm she actually enjoys the session. This makes you feel special. She is like the girl next door (and I aint moving) C2

Author: B.T., Mar/8/2000 10:25:46 [-05 EST]

Ever meet a woman who�s pictures don�t do her justice? The kind that oozes CLASS and then takes your breath away when you first meet her. Dana, of Sasha and Dana in Barrie, is one of those women and more. She�s coy and cute, yet beautiful and sensuous. Her skin was so soft, I just wanted to lick her to death, and her hair drove me near around the bend, especially when she tossed it or let it dangle teasingly in my face. Her smile could light up the darkest of souls and her eyes reach places where no one has reached before. Her breast are full (36DD), yet perky, and her lips and are the softest and sweetest things I ever tasted. Her massage is something to die for and her mannerisms and vocal noises have LUST dripping all over them. She is an expert at satisfying a man, but she seems to enjoy it and have fun at the same time. She smells sweet, but not over powering. In fact, after she left, I took a walk, and when I came back I could still smell her on the pillow. Dana is the kind of woman that you will not soon forget. And the time with her will never be forgotten. Do yourself a favour though and book her for two hours. One hour will just leave you wanting for more. Come to think of it, two did as well.

Author: mac, Mar/14/2000 22:15:46 [-05 EST]

Sasha's friend Dana is definitely a GFE in all respects and is very friendly.

Author: yaho, Apr/17/2000 22:58:01 [-05 EST] [DST]

Go for it my friend. You won't go wrong with her. I have an hour session with her few weeks ago. What a sweet heart. Pictures in her website are real and she looks even looks better in person. She is very intelligent and will make you feel like home right away. Have few very reasonable and basic rules. Look=exceed,personality=exceed, service= service=far exceed, gfe=meet. Actually, I tried to book her for a session this week but was told she is out of town all week this week. Will try her again.



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