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On 2000-08-29 at 18:45:16
Service: Agency SP
Location: Brampton
Girls Name: Heidi
Your Name: RSquared
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: The ad said Swedish blonde bomb shell. There is no truth in advertising. I thought I was calling an independant; it turns out I was calling an agency. She was delivered promptly, business was settled and upstairs we went.

Problems started right away. For starters, she is heavier than the quoted dimensions. She would not undress for the first 15 minutes. She wanted to get "comfortable". She wouldn't even remove her top. Eventually the blouse and bra came off, but that was it for a while. I massaged her breasts while she continued to stall anything else. She had no enthusiasm or flare for her work. She would have sat there for the entire hour if I had let her.

Intercourse was dull and lifeless. The worst experience I have had, hands down. She could not tell me what agency she works for, but there is a similar ad for another girl, so be warned!


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