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Jen or Jan
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On 2000-08-23 at 09:27:35
Service: SP
Location: Broadview & Danfgrth, Toronto
Girls Name: Jan, formerly of the Beach
Yourname: Sheik
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: Here are the stats on Jan. She is in her mid 30's, 5'-4" and medium but nice frame. She has large implants that look and feel natural. She provides a full body massage using her full body as well. She does bbbj. She does not provide full service. She is very clean and expects the same. She does not accept every client who calls her. She is particular about her clients. If she likes you then there may be other extras available in future sessions. Her first time clients should expect little at $100/hr she has two other rates at $150 and $200, but at the time she was on her period and wasn't offering it. She is not what we call a clock-watcher. Her contact email is [email protected] and phone is 416-802-5619.

Please be warned that parking is sometimes difficult where her "office" is. Expect to walk at least a couple of blocks. As far as I know, she limits the number of clients per day as her office is in a residential area. Be very casual in the neighbourhood and treat her like a lady.

Author: John Drake, Mar/11/2000 13:31:18 [-05 EST]

Jen is located in the Beaches. She is presently on vacation as she heads to the south to avoid the cold. She normally advertises in NOW and indicates that she is French and an oral expert. She is that and more. About 5'7, dark eyed brunette with tight, tanned body. Great breasts and bottom. Very pretty face and allows kissing and lunches down below. Her face is average, the body slightly above average, but the personality and sexuality are the true reasons to see this lovely lass. Her costs are ok, about $120.00 for the half and she does not watch the clock or rush you along. As said, allows kissing and a lot of play, very responsive and friendly, she enjoys the sex and play. She sucks your friend like a thirsty girl needing some water, however it is done with a condom. Have seen her a few times and give her a solid 8.5/10. She did arrange a threesome once with a petite Chineese girl, named Jasmine. Jasmine was in the same mode, very friendly and agreeable. Quite petite and looks about 15 although she is in her 20's for sure ( through conversation this is easily found out ). The threesome was at the same location and it was the sexual adventure of a lifetime. It cost $300.00 for an hour, but we had so much fun, this stretched to 2-3 hours, without any clock watching or request for extra funds. These girls can play and we did everything!! There was 3 way oral pleasure. There were two girls riding me at the same time, my mouth and colleague down below. They both saluted my colleague at the same time and were very satisfying. The finale involved taking turns in the doggy world while this lady was orally pleasing the other. I know it sounds too good to be true...but it was amazing...can't wait for her to return from vacation. The threesome ranks as close to a 10 as I can imagine. If anyone knows where I could get in touch with Jasmine seperately, I would be appreciative.

(Note: Exact location removed from review by ER in request of Jen)

Author: Gruntr, Mar/12/2000 08:57:10 [-05 EST]

I saw her for a 3some when she was still with Joelle. I gather she always teams up with beautiful petite girls.She is a lovely person and probably the most sophisticated SP I have met.Personally I did not find her attractive,just goes to show how tastes differ.However her personality alone is a sexual turn on. She has a huge dog who poses no threat,so dont get nervous when you see it!I still have her number if anyone wants to email me for it.



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