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Kelli Sparks
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Author: (No Author), Jan/15/2000 11:46:41 [-05 EST]

I too was intrigued by her website, and tried to get in touch with her a few times unsuccessfully. That was about a month ago when her rate / hr was about $100 LESS!!!!! It seems few of the people on these boards have seen her, but the reviews have been mixed. There have been a couple positive reviews, a few negative ones saying that her pix are misleading and several reviews complaining that she is unreliable, cancels appointments at the last minute, and is impossible to get a hold of. Now if there were an overwhelming # of positive reviews (eg with Kathleen in Hamilton) it might be worth the current rates, but as it stands now I can't afford that kind of risk. I can't say for sure as I've never seen the girl, and if anyone wants to prove my suspicions wrong please do so.

Author: Muddy Waters, Feb 27/2000
Committee Review

"It's a switch on an old saying, but familiary breeds content. So it was with my session yesterday with Kelli Sparks; it was my fourth visit and she seems very comfortable with me now, and probably does not go to the lengths she might for a new customer; for all that it was a memorable experience with a glorious finish! "So, first things first: She has an incall situation in a nice apartment downtown Toronto (at Wellesley & Yonge), and makes you very welcome. Her rates are between $200 and $175 for an hour, and she doesn't clockwatch. She's safe always, and is an adventurous lover; this time we didn't indulge in any mild bondage (which she likes if she trusts you, and which certainly sparked up our second meeting, much to my delighted surprise), but our session this time was on the chesterfield in the living room rather than the bedroom. "She's young (early 20s), short (maybe 5' 4") and slim (I'd guess around 115 lbs), and has beautifully perky breasts and a flat stomach and long legs. She's got short blonde hair (and she's decided not to wear the long blonde wig she affected the third time I saw her). "She's both tight and agile, spreads very wide, and enjoys a number of positions, especially (as do many SPs) being taken from behind. BJ is good (covered with a flavoured condom), and she makes sure you have a good experience. "I've heard - and read - that she can be a bit of a flake, and I think that might we true, although I interpret that as a bizarre sense of humour that I like. She's currently reworking her website (, and hopefully the new pictures - with her own hair rather than that wig! - will give an impression of how cute she is. She does have a tongue stud and a clit-ring, and a couple of tattoos, but they have the effect of increasing the rather delightful goofiness factor that I found appealing when I first saw her six months ago, and which I still find exciting and amusing. She is also something of a computer whiz, and will be going to school for advanced study in the field in April; meanwhile help with her tuition ain't gonna go amiss! "Obviously, I'll return;Kelli's not for everyone, but she is certainly high on my list of SPs, although I'm going to follow a couple of other suggestions in the next few weeks - I'm interested in Eve from Barrie, and Kayla's cheerful good sense on this list has made her very intriguing to me."

Author: bj, Mar/1/2000 08:28:13 [-05 EST]

You have a recent review of Kelli Sparks where you said the rates were between $175-$200 per hour. The last time her web site was running her rates were considerably higher then that, hence the negative feedback there was one her for awhile. Do you know if you are getting special rates or have they dropped?? The other thing I didn't like about her was that when I E-Mailed her the first time she provided me with a mailing address (Snail Mail)and mentioned that she likes it when guys send her presents? Has anyone else experienced that? That turned me off her right away. bj

Author: Muddy Waters, Mar/1/2000 22:44:29 [-05 EST]

I dunno if I get a special rate; when she's finished revising her web page, you'll presumably find out what she's asking for now. She's never asked me for a present, and when I first made contact with her, via phone from her ad in Now, we agreed on a date without any problem, I arrived on time, and everything went well. So well, as you'll see from my review, that I'm still a fan! Hope that answers your question - but my relationship with her has been "normal" and pleasant - and I'll continue to see her in the future; I like her, and I thorougly enjoy the sexual side of our friendship.




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