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Author: DirkDigler, Mar/11/2000 18:22:08 [-05 EST]

There's an SP who goes by the name Kiana with advertisements in the SUN and NOW along the lines of, "Very attractive busty oriental, 21 years old, DVP and 401" (I can't remember the exact wording). I read a review of her that was posted on this site a little while ago that stated she was attractive but lifeless. I wish I'd heeded the review but I let my ego get the better of me. My appearance has always elicited a positive response from the SPs and MPs that I've visited so I figured that I would get better service than the guy who posted the review. I was wrong. There's no doubt that Kiana is a looker... very pretty Amerasian face, great legs, a gorgeous rear and an absolutely fabulous pair of breasts. As soon as I saw her I couldn't turn around. She definitely doesn't lie about her age, early twenties is about right. However, her service is terrible! Save your money and go buy a plastic blow up doll because it will have more life than her. Worse is the fact that she's in a real rush to get you out of her place as fast as possible. Money wasted! Don't let your egos get the better of you as I did. Heed this valuable warning.



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