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 Sent: November 22, 2000 3:38 AM

Subject: Review!

General Information;

This review is from Kevin.
Email address is
[email protected].

This is a review of an independent escort, named Kim.
Located in Toronto, Ontario.
Telephone number:
Web Site:

Race: canadian/caucasian
Body Type: voluptuous
Hair Color: brunette
Breast Size: large
Approximate age: above 35
I found the over-all appearance to be satisfactory.

Her web site has pics from years ago. You've been warned.

I received these services was provided by the girl.
I would rate the location: average.

A little below average..... not the greatest

Cost: $175-$200
Attitude: poor
Technique and skill: average
Fetishes: I didn't ask
This experience was one to avoid
Would I repeat? not at all

At first she seemed very pleasant and her description on the web looked
great. But when i finally got to her place, that's where it went wrong. She
looks older, her hair is not like that, but regardless i gave her a chance.
Restrictions aplenty! Attitude was not good, i like busty women but it does
spoil the experience if her attitude really is bad. I really only enjoyed
her tits. No pearls though.... she seemed different on the phone,
e-mail..... would not repeat and would like to warn others.


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