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Lauren @ VIP Companions
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On 2000-08-01 at 07:33:01
Service: Agency SP
Girls Name: Lauren from vipcompanions
Your Name: THE BIG GUY
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: I booked Lauren from Troy's new agency ( night.Just as he did at Select when he owned it,Troy keeps coming up with ladies who not only look good but also provide the GFE.

Lauren-First Impression:Happy,positive personality.About 5'4",natural blondish-redish hair,suntanned,but otherwise I would assume fair complectioned.Shapely figure with boobs a little too big for the rest of her.Now don't get me wrong,I luv big boobs,but not if they are fake.So the millon dollar question is?

Getting To Know Her:We went out to dinner.She is very easy to talk with,has a fulltime day job,has always worked in small business and sales,so is very comfortable in public.The kind of girl you could take anywhere.Confident and decisive,but at the same time friendly with waiters (who also spotted sneaking a peak)2 hrs passed quickly and altho we only had a couple of glasses of wine I sensed her to be the sort you would like to sit around and drink and talk with all night.

Back At The Hotel:Put her in the shower right away,a great excuse to find the answer to THE question!And my final answer is;They are real!And how!Beautifully shaped,couldn't say D's,because she is not a very big girl,but got to be close.After that:without getting too graphic,she is total GFE,giving and taking.Great kisser,holds off protection until the last minute.

Bottom line,if petite busty girls are your type you couldn't ask for more.If you want more details post your email addy and I will reply.THE BIGGUY.


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