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Author: Robood, Nov/29/1999 09:22:32 [-05 EST]

I have tried new Incall. Lynn 922-xxxx from NOW is exotic, oriental girl. She is petite, small, schoolgirl type, 5'2''height. half an hour: 150$ you can bring it down a little. 18 years old. Mesurements scale out of 10 (based of oriental scale only): Face 8 (child like) Eyes 10 (nice big one) Tits 7 (A size small but nice) Stomach 10 (flat and shaped) Butt 9 (soft, athletic, small type) Pussy/Ass 10 ( beauty, tastefull, ass.. eh ) Legs 7 (small but soft and nice) Overall 8 Service: (does not kiss in the mouth,no fingering, no anal, no bbbj) Responsive to touch 10 Voice 10 Likes to be licked 10 Nice smell, clean 10 BJ 8 ( pretty good, alows multiple positions ) 69 9 ( allows to be licked like hell ) Pussy touching 10 ( loved it ) Does what you desire any positons. ( placed her on a stomach with legs wide spread and she loved it when I played with her ) What a view. Fucking 10 ( any positions with nice feeling of warmth ) She was enjoying it ! Sounds : 10 very horny sounds she was killing me... Overall: 9.5 Place: Bloor/Spadina area, apartmen building, a little dumb place. Washroom 5 (dirty), room and bed 5, but OK. If you are into schoolgirl, young, small ( she is tiny ) type of girl - try this one and you will like it. Recommended !

Author: Sailor, Mar/25/2000 10:27:53 [-05 EST]

Notoriously hard to get a hold of, I finally saw Lyn last night. Many of you Asian lovers will either know her or at least have seen her ads in Eye/Now for China Doll, 5'2", 92 lbs, 32-22-33, 18 yrs. At $130 for a half hour and $190 for an hour she is a little pricey but we got along well on the phone and she assured me her description was 100% for real. Let me confirm that it is - save perhaps that I don't think she is 18 (maybe 20-21). Lyn does not have a gorgeous face but she does have a very sweet smile and one of the tightest little bodies I have ever seen, short hair and a very pleasant voice. As far as her service goes we talked for a bit about travel and such then eased into the fun. She gave an amazing slow and safe bj, I reciprocated with a little attention at the Y and we got into it hard and fast until we were spent. Lyn is a GREAT orgasm faker - serious adult film stuff - but back to normal and out with the wipes the instant you are done, a bit business-like. Two things against Lyn are 1) she shares a dingy little place with another girl who hides behind a divider screen in the living room and answers the phone and the futon could use a wash or two, and 2) she is a total conveyor-belt SP - ie/ while I was putting on my shoes to leave the next guy was knocking on the door and she asked me to wait in the bathroom while she she let him in to the bedroom before showing me out (I took the opportunity to THOROUGHLY rinse out my mouth). Put off as I was by this and the fact that I think she is too expensive, I go crazy for tiny Asian women and she has such a great body that I probably would visit her again. To each is own. S.

Author: connexion, Apr/10/2000 18:19:32 [-05 EST] [DST]

I saw Lynn recently from the NOW magazine. She advertises as petite china doll. She is definitely petite and she looks no more than 18years old. Her apartment is a dump but her sweet personality more than makes up for it. Her body is tiny and fit, nice butt, small breasts. I had a pleasant time with her and found her to be a good GFE. She allowed multiple positions and never rushed for time. She even stayed around after and we chatted for another half hour or so. Overall, a very cool person. YMMV.

Author: geronimo, Apr/11/2000 23:29:29 [-05 EST] [DST]

I saw Lyn about a month ago. She is cute as a button with a very petite body. I found her to be very friendly and she seemed to enjoy herself with me. I got two shots on goal during the hour. Dining at the Y was permitted but greek wasn't. Not my thing anyhow. I have to concur with the opinion that her place is a dump and it reeks of cigarette smoke.

Author: _T, Apr/28/2000 17:12:14 [-05 EST] [DST]

I agree with the past reviewers here are my additional 2 cents worth. As said before she is near Spadina & Bloor in some student housing ghetto - she is chinese Canadian - said she is an Alberta cowgirl(!). I went by at 3PM on a weekday and she was just getting up. Great body and very polite, but not GFE - no kissing her neck let alone her mouth. Also very quick - no messing around. She was undressed within 2 min... Reminded me a lot of a girl I know in Hong Kong. Told her of the website and she had heard of it but had never been there... Didn't mind the appartment too much. You you try some of the Chinese massage parlors - Much worse!! _T