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Mila @ EC
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On 2000-07-21 at 01:21:02
Service: Agency SP
Girls Name: Mila @ ExecChoice
Your Name: gog
Review:Very disappointing experience. Arrived 40 minutes late. Appearance fine, even if not quite what you can see or read on the website pics - a bit chunkier than slim, more big-boned than athletic, with a teddybear face. Some unnecessary fat, but otherwise lovely. Perky although a little flabby breasts. Nice lips. British accent despite the advertised Czech "decent" (spelling by EC). Very to-the-point - we were in the bed after probably 2 minutes, after she proclaimed all her restrictions: no DATY, no touching there either, no kissing, no Greek. As i found out in a while, also no multiple shots. We started with about 30 seconds of covered BJ - it was so short that I can't even tell how was it. Multiple positions, no special enthusiasm. We were finished and she was dressed in about 20 minutes, because as she told me, she had another client waiting and was told to hurry. She was told to wait outside, which I do not like either - especially not in area like this, so I did invite her in again for some chitchat !

what else... However, the driver arrived only after another 35 minutes and several calls and callbacks to and from the agency. My first experience with EC...and I don't think I got my $ 200 worth at all. Appearance: 7, Performance: 4, Agency: 0. Repeat - I'd try her under completely different circumstances, but the competition in this area is rather well developed, so I just will go back to those I had before - they stay full hour or even more and allow multiple shots without problems. I personally do not DATY or kiss, so that would not bother me. I am man of simple demands, but EC failed to fulfill even those.


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