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In Black Book (April 21)
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Author: Silent Guy, Feb/25/2000 00:24:40 [-05 EST]

There is an add in the Eye & Redzone for Misty/Victoria. She is in the Beaches area, 59 Manorcourt. Watch-out guys, she is billing herself as different people using a number of aliases. A couple of the numbers that she uses are 416-693-4235 and 416-693-7286. She sounds really nice on the phone, but when she has your cash... Well she will try to get the deed done in the fastest time possible and she will try to talk you into a 1-2 hour but you are luck if you get 10-15 minutes. B E W A R E G U Y S

Author: Can_guy_69, Mar/11/2000 19:28:20 [-05 EST]

Sorry to hear about Kiana, I just want to warn you about Veronica/Misty Mellons. She is located in the beaches, Super fast and horrible service. Why can't these women provide a decent encounter and they will build a number of regulars instead of scamming people? Aren't there any attractive orientals who provide a quality service?

Author: Sucker, Mar/24/2000 17:47:40 [-05 EST]

Incall going by the name of Misty Melons in the beaches (59 Glen Manor Avenue) is a thief. We did the business, I went to the bathroom, then left. Outside I checked my wallet and noticed it was $50 lighter. I partly blame myself for being stupid enough to be in that position in the first place. You have been warned... Don't go there!




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