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Author: Jim Mar 26, 2000

Sarah: It is believed in many parts of the world that if the day starts with a good thing then the whole day is lucky. I never believed in this and considered it a superstition. But when Sarah came to me on December 13, 1999 morning and I struck a good business deal in the afternoon followed by having Yazmeen with me in the evening, I started believing what is said in the first sentence. Needless to say that for good luck (and of course for having a good time), meet Sarah.

Author: TF, May/12/2000

Saw Sarah last night and was kinda disappointed - mostly by her appearance. Her pics look better than real life and she's not as busty as pics appear. Her body is really soft - in a squishy kind of way and her stomach is wrinkly. Facially she's quite pretty, though. She's co-operative and friendly enough but I sensed she was bored. I expected better for $200. Looks: 6.5 Service: 7




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