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Sophie @ 7170
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Author: beaver, Mar/7/2000 19:16:58 [-05 EST]

I went to see lily at 7170 Warden, because I heard that she looks nice and provides good service. However, the owner told me that lily works nights and that the only one working in the daytime was Sophie. Sophie is a 30 year old middle age chinese women. She is not unattractive. It was $40 for 30 minutes, which I condsider steep for this dump. She came in and start giving me an excellant 'HARD' massage. In about two minutes, I asked her for nude. SHe said later. 25 Minutes into the massage, with five minutes to go, she says I give you nude for $40 dollars. (FOR FIVE MINUTES) I said ok, because I was horny. She didnt even take her clothes off. she pulled up her skirt, lowered her panties and lossened her bra. WHAT a gyp. Wont go back. Butif you looking for only a massage. She is not bad.



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