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Telephone: (905) 529-0557
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On 2000-07-21 at 19:22:13
Service: Independent SP
Location: Hamilton
Girls Name: Tania
Your Name: Chukit
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: First the seduction starts with the voice on the phone. A musical, happy but childish sound like talking to your friend's little sister. When she greets me at the door, she's just a little thing.. maybe 5 feet tall but her body has womanly curves under the business suit she wears. Her age could be anything older than 19... in fact when I asked she said she was 27. When she undressed, she revealed a milky, alabaster skin, translucent with a couple faint veins showing through under her chin. Her breasts were perfectly formed & perky and in perfect proportion to the 5ft frame (maybe 34b or c?), a narrow wasp waist and a small nicely curved behind. Her muscle tone was not hardbody but had a bit of baby fat. I was instantly transported back to my teens with a first date. She was subdued but not shy, and willingly did everything I requested but did not volunteer on her own (again like I remember young teens). I spent a relaxing hour in my reverie and the time passed quickly. Not exactly a GFE (no kissing) but certainly a great date.

She said that she has onlybeen taking calls for a couple weeks now. Later I asked if she had good response from the TERB Club where I heard about her but she said very few calls. She did not have any of that "been around" air about her. As close to an untouched lady as I'm likely to run into.

She asked me to pass on her number so here it is.. Tania - 905-529-0557 A downtown apartment. Park in the lot at Bay & King. No air cond so avoid a hot day.



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