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Brass Rail
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On 2000-07-07
Service: Establishment
City: Toronto
Girls Name: Katriana
Your Name: cagey
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: Katriana, The slender blonde who wears long red or black dresses. She agreed to do the escort thing as I saw an ad for her with Unforgetable Escorts; but no longer works there: since I had had a couple of drinks she charged me $250.00 for about 5 lap dances and then said she wanted $300.00 up front for the escort part. I stupidly paid her the $300.00 and have being stood up 3 times and I am now going to try and figure out if I can take her to small claims court. I may get busted for being a John but the Brass Rail may also get charge for prostitution as for the $250.00 she allowed and encouraged me to suck her breasts by putting some wine on them and telling me it was "OK" to taste them and play with her pussy. I am pissed off enough to get even . Even it means me having to go to court. If Katriana is out there make good on your promises by July 31st or get your lawyer. IS THERE A LAWYER OUT THERE WHO WILL ADVISE ME.

Author: snowman, Jan/15/2000 08:30:00 [-05 EST]

ok, just had the worst experience ever (well second but we wont get into the "found in charge), had to re aquait myself with the lap dancing so popped into Brass Rail, quickly met up with a tall blonde from peterborough she was charming witty and we talked for ages about golf, so hey we went into the back for a couple of dances. well 4 uninspired dances later i told her to stop at which point she proceeded to tell me shed performed 9 and would settle for $200 including tip we argued for a while where she began to cause a scene, lets say we settled on an outragous amount and i quickly vacated please please stay away from this place, the girl in question is tall very slim, blonde, tiny boob and weres a full red dress

Author: Sasha Mar 25, 2000

I have never been to the Brass Rail before but I must say they are very nice there even though the doorman had a hard time understanding why we wanted to go see the girls and not the guys! The place is laid out fairly well and although it was very busy we got a table right on "perverts row" The girls were average in my opinion but I may be a little more critical than guys may be! Drinks are pretty expensive I was driving so I was just drinking sprite and it was $5.25. For that price I may as well have gotten plastered it wouldn't have costed much more.

Author: Keebler Elf, Apr/26/2000 11:14:33 [-05 EST] [DST]

Went around 12:30 Tuesday night. Very busy but not packed in like sardines. Quality of the girls has improved somewhat since I last dropped in. Still clipping songs though. Laps are better than in the past, girls can touch you but not vice versa. Now I have a question for any Rail regulars: does Melinda (or is it Belinda?) provide services outside the club? I got the impression she might (she was asking alot of personal questions) but I'm looking for confirmation. She's a pretty blonde with shoulder length straight hair, Hungarian, age 23-24 ish, 5'6", big enhanced boobs, tight overall package, shaved kitty, usually wears a belly chain. E-mail if you prefer. Thanks for the help...



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