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Author: The Vampyr, Jan/16/2000 19:31:04 [-05 EST]

The girls are OK there. Dances range from air to full contact. I only repeat with full contact ladies! Most dancers, as people are forgettable. Get your dances from the freelancers. Zoey, a performer, may give you a great full contact dance. However, she has lots of customers. Yes, the shooter girl is ok. I see she is a slut though. And I thought I was the only one that had been up her sweater and down her pants!!! Hmmmm!!!

Author: Girl Watcher, Jan/14/2000 22:45:57 [-05 EST]

I have been to the Cannonball several times over the course of 1999 during the afternoon and have always gotten excellent full contact lap dances. Many of the girls are very agressive in asking for dances. More recently a number of girls from Bunny's have started working out of the Cannonball. However as already mentioned the dance areas are very wide open and do not provide much privacy. Rumours that the the Cannonball is at the top of the cops list for busts have been circulating for a couple of months. Please see for more info.

Author: anonymous, Jan/14/2000 16:13:08 [-05 EST]

The Cannonball is a pretty good club. They have some pretty hot looking women. They have an awesome shooter her a few tequilas and you could get her to dance for by the end of the night...and what a great set of tits she has.

Author: Cannonball Joe, Jan/14/2000 15:56:54 [-05 EST]

The Cannonball is a great club with a lot of beautiful women.You can get a decent air dance there.There is nothing to hear about this place,other than the fact that the dance areas are wide open,so don't expect extras at this place.For some strange reason there are a lot of undercover cops there.Just my 2 cents.

Author: The Vampyr, Jan/16/2000 19:16:49 [-05 EST]

(Jessie) A former music teacher in the land of Liszt! I did a lot of tit sucking and ass grabbing with her, no kitty petting please. As a person, if you watch her after she takes your cash and you go your separate ways ..... forgettable..... major league bitch As a dancer, goes further than some, not as far as others. Advice - Save your money on this one!!!!

Author: will, Jan/16/2000 19:32:22 [-05 EST]

(Jessie) I agree & disagree with you Vampyr. Your description of her service is valid, but in my experience with her I'd have to disagree about the 'as a person - major league bitch'. She has spent plenty of time with me without $$$ being involved and I've never observed nor heard any negavtive comments about her personality from either other dancers, customers or staff. She is a major-league beauty. Definitely the top non-extra providing dancer there. Other dancers could learn alot from her regarding respect, beauty, and what it means to be appreciated by customers as a woman who is a dancer.

Author: Keebler Elf, Feb/25/2000 16:34:36 [-05 EST]

Went to Cannonball Thursday afternoon. It was pretty damn busy with a lot of girls working. Made the mistake of trying out Natalie - brunette, nice rack, tight toned body with great legs and stomach, was wearing a white/tight mini-dress and pink bra. She was nice but really didn't get into it at all. Rushed dances and very little touching on my part. Definitely not a repeat. Overall, I saw a few lookers but nothing all that great. Cannonball remains a high mileage club with average-looking dancers. I even saw an ex-girl from Bunnies that I hadn't seen in a long time (blonde, big rack, older, bikini, went by the name Autumn). That's all for now.

Author; charles oliver Feb 28, 2000
Committee Review

Now let's turn to the other end of the spectrum!! Ambiance is scruffy, clientele tends to be the same!! The girls are very anxious for business, they even ask before you have a drink, and they are plentiful!! Looks vary from wow to you must be joking! On my last visit which was a Saturday afternoon I got two offers of extra-curricular activity with mobile numbers given out and some very close dancing which in the end was too close for me!! So if you want action and possibly more this place is for you!!

Author: Lap Puppy , Mar/5/2000 23:14:14 [-05 EST]

Tianna is a nice looking brunette with a soft pair of natural breasts that form more than handful. And they are topped with delectable nipples. The dances were very enjoyable and she has a friendly personality. She made sure I was comfortable during the dance. Tianna rates an 8 on the rock polishing scale.

Author: mr. x, Mar/7/2000 23:13:27 [-05 EST]

Went out to the Cannonball for the first time tonite... it was smaller than I expected, dark and not very crowded (its a Tuesday)... got there about 9:30, watched a few dances, and finally decided to go with an attractive brunette named Siena. Very attractive face, and body, except her breasts are small - but with relatively big nipples. Very sultry. I had 3 dances... mileage wasn't great, but she knows how to move, and tends to lure you into another dance by beginning to do something new just as one dance is ending. a pro, except that she didn't give me enough close up views of her p*ssy. she knows how to grind! I got to play with her breasts, but not suck them. she did a little bit of fondling of my b*lls, and rubbed me a bit, but 3 dances was enough. anyone had her, and how does she compare with some of the other dancers After the dance, I sat in a different place, and a few girls approached me... generally they are friendlier than at the Million $, where i have gone the last few times.

Author: beaver, Mar/14/2000 01:02:25 [-05 EST]

Well, after spending most of my Sunday night at the Cannonball, I decided to go back for Monday morning luch. CLub opens at 11:30 I got their at 12:00. I would rate this club number one in terms of mileage. I had so much fun with a long brown haired romaninian SUzie yesterday that I decided to try a blonde cuban 36C Sue today. Sue gives excellent dances. The club also had a lot of good looking girls for a monday morning.

Author: mac, Mar/19/2000 19:27:25 [-05 EST]

I finally went to the Cannonball to see what all the fuss was about and have the following points to report: Nicolette was there Saturday afternoon, Daisy May from the Fan was there Sunday evening, I had two dancers (not Nic or Daisy) dance for me and both propositioned me for some outside action, one of the ex-fan girls (whose name escapes me) told me that action will be good in a few weeks at a new club opened by ex-fan employees on Rexdale Blvd just past Islington. Can't remember the name of the place but it opened a few weels ago.

Author: Cannonball Guy, Mar/19/2000 19:38:23 [-05 EST]

I have been a regular there for a few years and I am perplexed by what the fuss is about. There should not be any - its just another strip joint! If you are looking to get laid, it is probably not the place to go. If dances do it for you, sexually, then I'm happy for you. They don't do it for me. It is definitely not as good as a few MP's in the area. So don't waste your time and, more importantly, your money too much. I am beginning to get amused by a lot of the postings and reviews. If you have been laid as much as me, then you too will one day find most of these tidbits of info more hilarious than lascivious!

Author: the jackl, Mar/26/2000 11:52:07 [-05 EST]

I finally got a chance to go to the Cannonball yesterday afternoon (its kinda far for me, I'm an east ender) and felt that I had to post this warning to you all. First of all, the club itself was alright. A little too dark, but overall no real complaints. At about 1:00pm there were almost as many ladies as there were guys. Some of the girls stood out from the rest.(a couple of very nice looking girls with a darker complexion and great shape) Most of them were pretty average. Reviews about this place are pretty bang on. Within fifteen minutes after sitting down with my beer, I must have been approached by no less than four girls for dances. I like to take some time to get my bearings and have a couple of beers before getting to it, but this happened throughout the time that I spent there. Like I said, no real complaints. One of the 'ladies' that approached me, I found out later her name was Tammy, asked me if I wanted a dance. I told her that I had just got in, maybe a little later. She then got really close and whispered in my ear "I can make you cum". Well that got my attention to say the least. I still declined although I was quite interested. She wasn't all that good looking. Staight brown shoulder length hair, average face, c-cup. She wore an oversized white t-shirt and panties. (Not to be confused with a blond in the same attire) I saw her lead a couple of guys into the back rooms during the time I was there and had come out within a couple of songs. I should have seen this as a warning. Within forty minutes of my arrival, Tammy must have approached me four times and I finally gave in. As soon as I dropped myself down on the couch, she sat on my lap and offered up her 'deal'. $100 for four songs, I go down your pants, you can eat my P, finger my A and P Done and Done. She then stands up and says you have to pay me first. I did.(WHAT WAS I THINKING!) She seemed so into it right up until she put my money away. The song that was already playing was more than halfway through when she got naked and started her dance. I mentioned this to her and her response was 'no,no I'm starting now'. (Maybe I should add that I am very polite, soft spoken, not ugly, and not overly demanding.) The dance started alright, lots of contact, boobs in my mouth grinding. A little bit of this and I noticed a distinct smell of B.O. emanating from her. (no more going to the Y) As soon as I reached the nether regions, she tells me not to go inside. Not part of the 'deal'. Ok, I can live with that. She the goes in my pants and strokes me for a little bit. She tells me that if I come, she won't go back in there. Fair enough. Then, some hard girnding. She goes back into my pants, recoils, and tells me that I came and that she won't do that anymore. Well, what can I tell you, I didn't come. I tried licking her tits, she tells me that I spit on her tits and that I can't do any of that anymore. By the time the last song started, I sat there like a lump wondering if I should just get up and leave. Since she already had my $100, and she had only danced 2 1/2 songs, I stayed and let her finish. This was my first time at the Cannonball and I'm sure this is not indicative of all the dancers there but this is a warning to all Cannonballers. Avoid TAMMY!. Whoa! look at the length of this post. I must have been pretty pissed off. For those of you that read the whole thing, I hope that you can learn from some of my mistakes from yesterday. Must give fingers a break from typing, will post experiences later about where I went to console myself after this disasterous intro to the Cannonball.

Author: aj, Mar/28/2000 00:21:29 [-05 EST]

I can understand you being pissed off. I remember the first time that I got a dance in Cannonball I was also ripped off. what happened to me was that after the greedy ***** said that she would give me a good dance, whose name was Brandy, I was suckered into going to the back and after the first song I realized that nothing special would happend so I asked her to stop and she said that the minimum that she charges is 100 bucks. say what?? so i lied and said that i only have 40 bucks and cut my loss right there. but I also have had good times there and have met couple of hot looking girls without the intention of ripping me off. Sonjia and Jewels are two of my favorites, awesome bodies and good dances and very friendly. next time you go there ask for either of two babes and you shall have a good time. No extras, but they make the $20 per song worth it.

Author: Rickster63, Mar/27/2000 12:01:04 [-05 EST]

I was in the Cannonball last week and one of my friends had a issue with Tammy. This guy was somewhat new to the gentlemen's club scene and Tammy convinced him to go to the back room for a dance. After about four songs we decided to rescue him. It turns out that Tammy just kept dancing and was taking advantage of the situation. There was a big todo and we end up giving her $60. What I was saw as a fun loving attitude was greed. Unfortunately most clubs have girls like these. //Rickster

Author: Glock, Mar/29/2000 16:38:03 [-05 EST]

I too have been very interested in checking out Cannonball, but since I am in the Durham area, it is a little out of my way. However, I made the trip lastnight, and I was pleasently surprised at what was there. First, most of the girls, on average are 7's. But it was a long drive, and I thought I would give it a go. Had a cute dancer named Anna, long brown hair, mid 20's small breasts, but nice.... Great dances. The mileage here is pretty damn good. Lots of griding, touching.....Anyways, the most mileage I have had at a Club since Bunnies before there recent "troubles" and the Fan. I will defenatly have to give Cannonball another try. See what happens. Also checked out Bunnies on the way home @ around 11:30pm. The police were in there, just walking around, so no dances were being done at the time. When they left the show began, but there is still little to none when it comes to "extracuricular" activites even when the police are not around. They are really trying to keep the place ligit, Saw 7 girls there, maybe 15 men. Thats it for now, will keep you posted.

Author: Mr. X, Apr/20/2000 17:09:38 [-05 EST] [DST]

"the good, the bad, and the far from ugly" (also posted on canbest) well, made it out to canonball for the second time today at 1:30pm... "the far from ugly"... i had a drink and watched some of the girls on the stage... Cody caught my attention. are her tits real? this is either the best augmentation job i have seen, or these are amazing pair i've seen in a while... i expect it is the former, but its a close call... there were a couple of other sexy girls on stage, mercedes (oriental) looked interesting, but i didn't get to watch her take off any clothes as i left for the VIP. "the bad"... this girl Tammy comes up to me, with the line "wanna make me come and i'll make you come". i found it hard to resist... get to the vIP and she springs the deal: $100 for 4 dances, and i get to touch her kitty, lick her kitty and she would play with me... damn, I knew i was being suckered but went for it anyway. big mistake "Danger, Danger Will Robinson" this girl has no finesses or patience... barely lived up to what she promised and was over rough and tried to get me to finish in the first song. in the end, i didn't get off at all. AVOID AVOID AVOID. "the good"... after a few songs watching the stage, i gave in when this (dyed) blonde came up to me... named Zoey. thought I recognised the name as being someone worth trying. she is a peitie quebecoise with small but firm breasts (a-cup), but she seeme nice. by this time (3pm)the VIP was getting crowded... she gave a good grind, and I didn't even make it through the first song! never got the chance to test her limits, and in any case, it was getting to crowded, as she even noted to me. will repeat definitely.

Author: Lap Puppy , May/3/2000 22:05:02 [-05 EST] [DST]

Whilst sitting watching the stage show at the Cannonball, I was asked if I wanted a dance by Zoey. Zoey is a petite blonde with small breasts and cute with a capital C. My mind said "Yes", and since my pecker also said "Yes", we headed into the VIP. The dances were very enjoyable. Zoey ensured I had a good time. She kept and eye out for the patrolling bouncer by way of explaining why she kept craning her neck around every once in a while. In any case, for the time I was there (4 songs), there wasn't a single patrol run by the bouncer. For those who like petite blondes with small breasts, you have one more week to enjoy Zoey's charms. She's taking off for a month and getting her boobs enlarged.



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