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Private Eyes in Scarborough

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Author: Julie Fantiny, Apr/13/2000 09:49:45 [-05 EST] [DST]

My eyes are still hurting from this adventure. It might have been this place that convinced Brian Berard to say that hockey players shouldn't wear visors. I think a better name for this club would be "Primate Eyes". There were 5 dancers working. I have never seen such a group of out of shape, burnt-out, ***** addicts working in a club. One dancer, weighing in at about 170 lbs., actually came on the stage wearing jeans (a first in my experience)! This place has been opened and closed many time over the past few years. I decided to pop in because a guy on Canbest was saying there were "diamonds in the rough" to be found there. I found the "rough" but no "diamonds". I just hope the guy on Canbest doesn't turn out to be my dentist - given his tolerance for pain. My search for the strip club at the end of the rainbow continues.


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