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Healing Hands

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On 2000-07-03 at 03:52:34
Service: MP
City: Vancouver
Location: Healing Hands
Girls Name: Olivia
Your Name: Marty
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: Went to Healing Hands the other night and was greeted at the door by Olivia. Not great looking(but not bad either) and had quite a nice body. About 5' 6", 120 pounds or so, short blonde hair and wears glasses. She also seemed Polish. Anyway, the massage was ok, nothing to brag about, although I should tell you all that I have pretty strong standards when it comes to a massage, be it from a RMT or an MP attendant. Everything was pretty much textbook, except the finish; she was only using 2 fingers! I told her exactly how I liked it better but she still stuck to her own method. At this point, I was thinking to myself that most people would say the finish is the main reason people go for a massage. Here I am, having paid my hard earned money and she would not entertain my one request? Not a good experience based on the finish(or lack of one thereof). Olivia is NOT recommended and I won't want to see her again.


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