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Author: Traveler, Mar/23/2000 23:08:50

Now to Main & 18th (I don't remember the name of the place). My second visit with Helen, Tall Chinese Mainlander. Absolutely georgeous. Good Massage, very friendly but FS was a bit of a problem because she was in pain ..Again! I don't know if she is just naturally small or if she has to serve so many customers that she was just too sore. When I realized she was suffering I hurried up, but she filled rest of time with massage. She did mention that she has to work six days a week for 14 hours a day. SLAVERY ! I am an unwitting contributor and so are you if you go there. However she has a certain financial goal and then I think it's Good-Bye Helen. Body 10, Face 10, Friendliness 9, Massage 9, Service (a very willing but sore) 8. Overall 9.$75/hr 150 FS.