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On 2000-06-02
Location: 682-4049
Girls Name: Joanna
Your Name: Dumbass
Review: I had the misfortune of calling up this ad from the Westender and making an appointment. The woman described herself as 5'9", 120lbs, 36C-27-37, Blonde, 26 years old and the rate was $140.00 for the hour FULL SERVICE! Her address is 939 Homer Street (buzzer 936) When I got in to see her, She was quite overweight (160lbs) and was more like 40 than the 26 years that she described herself as. But being the nice guy I was I went with it. She started giving me a massage then proceeded to explain the "other" services to me. $250.00 for FULL SERVICE! and that the $140.00 was strictly just for time and a massage. I asked if the massage included a release and it did not.I realized then that this was a big mistake. I told her she should have advertised in the Body work section of the Westender and not the Escort section. This is when she went nuts on me! She just got up and asked me to leave immediately! I tried to calm her down then she stormed out of the room and came back with a polaroid camera and procceeded to take a picture of me. She said if I wasn't happy to take her to court. I left with my tail between my legs and am blaming myself for not qualifying enough before hand. People, stay away from this one. She is very bad news. I'm pretty worried now about that picture she took of me. All I tried to do was have a mature conversation about how I felt it was wrong for her not to disclose additional costs to me and I'm paying for it now and am out $140.00 and I was too stupid to even get a name. I am truely a Dumbass. Final note, I called back to complain she picked up the phone and tried to hang up but didn't by mistake and I was listening to her shafting another guy like she did with me. It's a sham. Stay away! Looks 0 Service 0 attitude 0


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