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On 2000-05-21
Location: Vancouver East Indian Beauty 683-8036
Girls Name: Nina
Your Name: pigsnot
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: Vancouver East Indian "Nina" 683-8036 I had read a review months ago about Nina, a young beautiful East Indian escort. I could only find one remote reference to Nina after doing a deja-news search, not to be confused with Nina that advertises on Hollywood North. This Nina is a 19 years old East Indian. After playing phone tag with her, I arranged for a meeting at her downtown apartment. When I knocked on the door, I was shocked at the incredible beauty of Nina. Petite, perhaps five two, maybe 98 pounds, with beautiful cocoa brown skin and perfectly formed natural breasts, Nina fulfilled my desire of exotic beauty. If I closed my eyes and concentrated I could travel to exotic Persian harems with the best of feminine charms for me to enjoy. In actual fact this local beauty was born in Surrey. She is squeaky clean, neatly trimmed and perfectly put together and as I said earlier, in my opinion, stunningly beautiful. The cost of full-service was in the mid range, 170, which included oral sans condom. For the quality of the experience, well worth the money. A first for me to be with such a friendly and sweetly young but confident escort. Definitely an encounter that I will not forget, I am sure I will revisit Nina in the near future. Nina 683-8036. Looks: 10 Service 8 Attitude 9 Take care all, Pigsnot


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