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Becoming a Prostitute

Why you want to work - Reasoning

So you want to sell your body for money. It's not as easy as just putting an ad in the paper. There is a lot to consider before taking the plunge into prostitution. The most important thing is to consider your reasons and know exactly what you are going to give up and/or sacrifice.

Generally, there are only two reasons that a woman will become a prostitute;
1) For financial gain
2) For a man
Many reasons can stem from this, but make no mistake it always leads back to one of them. No matter if you are doing it for financial gain or for a man, you have to first ask yourself if you want to do it.

Imagine a set of scales. On one side is the benefits and on the other side are the negatives. Let me give you some things to consider if you haven't already done so already.

- Will it bother you if your family finds out?
- What will your friends think or loved ones?
- Will your children find out?
- What are you going to do if a client flips out and begins to hit you?
- How are you going to feel about yourself in the morning?
- How are you going to feel when you are counting your money and you know that you just had sex with a stranger for that money?
- After you have slept with three men, you've shared something with them that you should only share with the man that you love, will you find yourself in the shower trying to wash away the evidence of what you've done?
- And when/if you have a boyfriend, how will you give him a part of you that no man has had when you've given yourself away to anyone with money?

On the positive side of it, well, you have money. The bad only gets worse over time. Don't think for one second that being a prostitute is easy. The only easy thing about it is collecting the money.


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