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Coping with being a prostitute

This section is devoted to service providers who are already involved in the business.



This really depends when and how the boyfriend came around. If he was there from the beginning and he is not making you work, then you have an understanding relationship if he knows about what you do.

If he comes along during your working period, be prepared for him to ask you to quit once he has fallen in love with you. He won't want to share you with any man anymore. No matter how you can try to convince him that it is business only, he will always have a bit of doubt in his mind. Then he might tell you, 'if you loved me, you would quit.' At one point I had been involved with the most sexually open minded person I have met and he actually didn't mind what I was doing. Eventually he also asked me to quit, not because of the sharing, but because of how the job affected me mentally/emotionally.

A big mistake that many girls make is common. Imagine this. You have a client. Your session is great; the two of you connected well. So well that you decide to see this man on a personal level. Now the two of you have been seeing each other for a little while and he begins to care for you. A tad bit of insecurity and/or jealousy comes along; normal. You try to tell him, 'but baby, that is only business, I don't enjoy my sessions.' Did you recently forget that when you had first met him, he got your rocks off and you had a steamy encounter and now you expect him to believe you when you say that you don't enjoy your work?? No one likes being played for a fool.

Having a love life is generally one of the sacrifices that you make when you work or you live a lie.



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