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This discussion board is for escorts, massage parlour attendants, exotic dancers and any female involved in the adult industry or organizations which are involved in the adult industry for the benefit of prostitution.

In order to gain entrance to this board, you must submit a request. Current members of this board have requested that membership requests are first brought forward on the board previous to allowing membership to the SP Board. Send an email to Kayla, let us know if you are an escort, MP attendant, etc. and you will then receive an email in return within 24 hours approving or disaproving membership.

So you wonder why you have to go through all of this just to post on a message board? The members of this board are all service providers. They want to keep a private discussion area in order to speak privately among their peers about issues regarding the business. If you are looking for a place to find advice, support or conversation from others who work in the same industry as yourself, this is the board to be a part of and it is worth the time to gain entrance.

Submit your request via email by clicking here or...
email Kayla at [email protected].