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Becoming a Prostitute



USE CONDOMS! Yes, you will hear of girls that don't use condoms for blow jobs or other things. If you want to go through this business disease free, USE CONDOMS ALWAYS!

Look closely on your client for any signs of redness or sores. Keep your hands clean. Have him wash his hands or shower. Check the ER Disease Information Section for photographs of what to look for. But always keep in mind that people can carry diseases without it being noticeable.

Some guys will try to tell you, 'well she does it,' or 'don't worry, I'm clean, I'm married!' Don't believe it. Your job is easier on you mentally and emotionally if you can differentiate between personal and business as well. Keep in mind that when you have sex with someone without a condom, you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with over the past ten years! If that is not enough to detour you, think of how you will feel in the morning.


If you are going to an outcall, make sure that you call someone in front of your client to give him the idea that someone knows where you are. Tell them how long you will be there for and read off your location. Take notice of the door that you came in; look at how it is locked in case you have to get out quick. Take notice of any closed doors and/or extra rooms. Use your intuition. If at any time you get a bad feeling, leave. The money is not worth your life.

Always take notice of things and be damn well observant. What is the color of his eyes, does he have any tatoos or marks on his body, etc. Keep these things in mind in case something goes wrong.

Keep in mind, any weapons that you carry, he can take from you and use it on you. Try to use your mouth to get out of the situation. You are entering a dangerous business, think smart.

Don't bring guys to your home. Have a place or an apartment away from home if you are going to offer incall. Don't use your home telephone number for ads. Get a cell and forward it to your land line telephone. If a client leaves a message, don't dial him directly back until you press *69 to block your number.


Check the ER Legal Section for the laws. Soliciting is illegal. Don't tell a guy you will have sex with him for money over the telephone. If you read the section, you will get a pretty good idea.

Income Tax

Yes you have to claim the money that you have made. Of course, girls don't say exactly what they have made. Revenue Canada can not prove how much you are making, but keep in mind, if you buy a house then tell revenue Canada that you only made $30,000 that year, they will look closer.

Just as you claim what you have made, you can claim expenses as well. This includes 'anything that you use for the business.' Such as condoms, ky jelly, skirts, shoes, taxi fares, hotel bills, travel expenses, clothes, etc. Anything that you use to make your money almost.. you can claim. But once again, remember what you claim, you have to have made. I once went to an accountant and he said I spent more than I made. This got me a nice interview at revenue Canada that lead into investigations into my income. Be smart. Get a tax lawyer in order to have client privileges and spill your guts about what you made and ask for his advice. That's what he is paid for.

Many girls collect welfare and work. If the police can't get you, they will send the government after you. If they find out you are working, while collecting social assistance, they will make you pay back every dime of it.


Written by Kayla
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