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Coping with being a prostitute

This section is devoted to service providers who are already involved in the business.


What else do you do?

Do you have another job? Are you working as a prostitute to support yourself or to make extra money? You are going to get old eventually; you can't do this forever. Be prepared that going from making the kind of money you make prostituting to making less than half of that money at a regular job is a big jump. The best way to do it is to ease your way out of prostitution and into a new job.

If you are doing something else in your life that has financial gain it is also better for you legally as well as mentally/emotionall. Legally if all of your money comes from prostitution and you are busted, they can take your things away. If you have another source of income, it is more difficult for them to prove where or how you bought them. Many women successfully sideline as an escort, invest their money and feel the fruits of their labor.

Whatever you do, if you have nothing to show for all of the time you have worked, it will get you down. At least if you have something to show for it, you can point at it and say, 'that's why I sell my ass.'

Remember - You control money, it doesn't control you!


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