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Becoming a Prostitute

Where you want to work

The places that you can work varies depending on how much money you want to make and your personal tastes concerning working environment.

On the Street

Unfortunately, many girls begin this way. Why? Because many girls don't know there is such a thing as massage parlors, agencies and independent opportunity. This is the most dangerous place to work. Any girl who has worked on the street knows exactly what I am talking about.

Street work has been around long before any other means of working besides brothels. Some girls prefer it because there are more clients which means more money. However, the danger is inconceivable. A guy can pick you up, take you anywhere he wants; you are in his car. Most of the murders of prostitutes are girls who have been picked up outside. It is a serial killers dream. The majority of Society doesn't care for prostitutes and most of the deaths go unnoticed.

I am not going to go into the 'how to's' of working the street because I have been there, and I don't support it. Choose another method.

Massage Parlors

There are different types of parlors. Those that offer more than others. Some massage parlors offer a back massage and a hand job while some offer a full service. This is where you should consider the legalities. Check ER's Legal Information Section first.

In massage parlors you have competition with other girls. The client has an opportunity to choose who he wants. You have to work set hours. You have to dress the part. However, if you end up in a well known establishment and you have a good body on you, there is ample opportunity to make good money. There are men who ONLY go to massage parlors because they enjoy the chase per say. They like the idea of being able to choose the girl on sight instead of going through the papers or ads hoping she is telling the truth about her description. And there are clients who don't want to have intercourse. These are the clients that you would serve.

You are always safe because you are working with other girls. The only downfall is having to give up part of the money to the door and depending on the parlor, you may be limited on what you can offer for tips.

Escort Agencies

Again, you give away money from what you make, but it is safer. Safer because the client is well aware of the fact that the agency as well as the driver knows exactly where you are. The driver in most cases is sitting outside and the client is aware of this as well. Every agency is different. Some take a larger cut from your finances than others and they all have different rules. You won't find out what they are until you are interviewed. They will not tell you over the telephone. In fact, most agencies won't even admit that they know you will be having sex for money. Legally, it is their way of hiding it. Some agencies expect you to sit in the drivers car all night waiting for your calls and some let you sit at home.

If you hook up with a busy and well known agency, of course you will make more money. Some of the reputable agencies have huge ads in the Yellow Pages that can cost up to $10,000 a month. They do the advertising. You get a call when someone calls for your body type or when you are next in line. It really ends up depending on your telephone manner and your mood. Your mood will reflect in your voice. When you show up at the clients room, if you are wearing a bad mood on your face, he will cancel you. If you are not what you described on the telephone, he will cancel you. Some agencies charge you for these cancellations and some don't. Again.. it all depends on the agency.

Working for agencies or massage parlors, you have no choice but to watch the clock. If you are in there longer than what the client booked for, you may be charged for it. The secret is getting the client to spend more money for more time. If you are good at what you do, you will succeed.

Working on the Net

Here you have a choice to take incall or outcall. Incall means that the client comes to you. Outcall means you go to him. The guys are leaning more and more towards the net for finding a girl. You can pretty well advertise for free on the net, you just exchange links or banners, but be prepared, it takes time to build a clientele and you aren't going to make money immediately unless you hook up with a very busy web site. You get yourself a couple of pics, put them on a web page along with some enticing words, host your page with a web host and you now have a mark on the net.

It is a bit more dangerous that working for an agency or a massage parlor if you are going to take incall and you are working alone. It is a lot more safer than working on the street. The benefit of being independent is that you get to keep all your money and you are your own boss.


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