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Prostitution is legal in Canada. How do they intercept, well they have laws surrounding it. Here are a few pointers and laws that I have learnt over the years:

1. Soliciting for the purposes of prostitution in a public place is illegal. Otherwise, you can prostitute, but you can not talk about it! For example;

- A place is considered public when it is accessible to the public. Otherwise, a place of business such as a massage studio or the lobby of a hotel. In a private place, which would be your home or inside a room within the hotel, soliciting is not illegal. I personally get a kick out of how massage attendants feel that once the man in question takes off his clothes and lays on the massage table, it is safe for her to solicit him. Nope. The room that she is in is located within a public place, the massage parlor.
- Another misconception on the part of a SP is that many would ask the man to touch their breasts or to allow the SP to touch his crotch in order to prove he is not a police officer. Funny. My girlfriend attempted this and the police officer put his hand down her top and had a good 'ol time! Well, he also took her to court, charged her for sexual assault and won!
- There is no such thing as entrapment in Canada. Otherwise, years ago we used to ask the guys; 'Are you in any way, shape or form, affiliated with the Vancouver Police Department or any Law Force? We thought that they would have to answer correctly. Nope. In the US yes, but not in Canada. The main problem is that most are naive. Most of what we learn about the laws is US even though we don't realize it unfortunately.

2. Telephone Taps;

- The police will get a warrant to tap your telephone if they are suspicious. They may not monitor it consistently, but have no doubt, it is all recorded. Eleven years ago, when the only cellular telephone that a person could get was the kind that had to be mounted in your car, the police tapped my telephone. Cellular phones were thought to be difficult to tap because of the channel changing. Boy, were we wrong. Over 5000 pages of telephone conversations! So do not doubt for one minute that they will not tap your cell phone.
- WATCH for the details in the warrant! If there is one letter or number out of place on the warrant for the telephone tap, the transcripts are thrown out of court. This is the mistake that they made in my case. They put my boyfriends name on the telephone warrant, but the telephone was in my name. They were thrown out of court.

3. Living off of the avails of prostitution;

- Example. I have a roommate who is living with me. She has no idea what I do in the house when she is gone. I am taking clients behind her back. I am the one who is paying the bills in the house or even the better part of them. I get arrested for any charge concerning prostitution. She will then be charged of living off of the avails of prostitution. The money that I make pays the bills that she doesn't. Now, being my roommate, she obviously has a key to the house. In turn, the police can then charge her for 'keeping a common bawdy house' on top of it. Let's say for a moment that she knew what I was doing, however disagreed with it. She would be charged with the above charges still. Say that we had a telephone conversation while it was tapped. My roommate was in some way encouraging me to try to make good money over the week so that we can buy a new couch. They can then charge her for procuring.

4. Procuring;

Usually it will be the pimp that is charged with this. The person who is insisting that the SP continue working or bring the SP into the business for their personal gain. Otherwise, if a massage studio owner willingly allows the girls to participate in providing full service and the police can prove that he/she is well aware of this taking place, simply by asking the girl to show up to work is procuring

5. Bawdy Houses;

Anywhere that there is consistent activity of prostitution is a bawdy house whether it be a motel, hotel, house, apartment, massage parlor or a strip club. Anyone who is the owner or the manager of the property may be charged for running a common bawdy house. Anyone who has within their possession a key to that particular place is charged with being a keeper of a common bawdy house.

Take precautions SP's;

Here is how you will get busted if you are an incall SP

- A client that you have not seen will visit you. He will come in like any other client, pay you money, lay down with you and do the dirty, and leave. Within a matter of seconds, there is a banging at the door and the police come in. The first thing that they will go for is the money that the undercover cop has paid you. Within that money will be a marked bill. This proves that the undercover paid you; regardless if you asked for your fee or not.
- They will then begin to take photographs of everything that you have within your place. If you have no other source of income, they will assume that you acquired everything by the means of prostitution and they have legal right to remove it all from your property until you go to court and you are either convicted or not. With me, they only took all moneys and jewelry.
- They will collect any diaries, journals, phone books or papers that you have.
- They will search your garbage's for condoms.
- They will ask you questions. You do not have to answer anything if you don't want to, however, even if they seem pleasant and understanding to your situation, anything you say they will hold against you.
- If all the police officers on your premises are men, they will ask you if they can search your purse. You can say no, but, once you are at the police station they will search it anyway. It is no longer mandatory that it be a female police officer searching your purse.
- They will put you in hand cuffs and take you to the police station where you will be finger printed, searched, and a mug shot will be taken on you. You will then be kept on file as a known prostitute regardless if you are charged or not.
- Then a court date is set and either you fight it, or you make a deal. Typically, if you plead guilty, they will drop a couple of the charges and give you a fine of around $500.00. The bad thing, you now have a record. Even though soliciting is considered a misdemeanor, you can not enter the US if you have been charged with this. They consider it a moral crime and a criminal charge.

How do you avoid getting caught? Don't see any clients you have never seen before. Simple. Don't solicit on the telephone. You can give your rates, but when asked silly questions like, 'what are you going to do for that', tell them that they are paying for your time. Period.

Guys, please don't ask girls what you will get for your money. They can not go into detail over the telephone. It is pretty obvious what will be taking place. Even though it is not a lot better, try to get your details via email.

If you find any of the above information incorrect, please contact us immediately and it will be altered.

The actual criminal code relating to prostitution ....
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