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The Massage Manual
Written by JDayger´┐Ż
Your first massage
The Call
The Price
The Parlour
Hello Dolly
In the room
Your massage


The Call

The process of "buying" a massage is relatively straightforward. Pick up a local paper (the Toronto Sun, NOW or EYE are all good bets) and choose a parlour that you want to go to. All parlours that advertise provide a telephone number - use it. Phoning can save you an incredible amount of time and gas. Inquire what their hours of operation are, how many girls are working, and a brief description of each. Many parlours are very busy at lunchtime, and peak days or evenings. Be courteous and be willing to be put on hold, often.

The description of the attendants will generally be correct. Heights given are usually shorter than they are if they are tall (by an inch or so - why are men put off by tall girls?), and weights are invariably described as less than actual (again by a bit, 5-10 Ilbs). If you have a specific kind of woman in mind, say a blonde with big smiles, or a petite brunette, say so and the descriptions will be confined to your particular tastes.

Most professional parlours will tell you if that kind of attendant is on shift and provide you her name, or if they have such an attendant who is not working right then, her name and the next shift she will be working. I have rarely been "bait and switched" in my years, but there is always that possibility.

TIP: Parlours that have only one or two girls should be avoided, unless you have personal experience with them. With so few attendants, choice is severely limited and time is of an issue. This is a "turn over" business and the owner has very little sympathy for you if he loses another customer because you try to go over your purchased time.

TIP: Ask if the room has a working shower in it or not. If not in the room or not working, pass. There is nothing more unwieldy than having to get naked and then walk down a hallway to a communal shower, carrying a towel, your watch and wallet. Besides - the floors are invariably cold, and I always seem to meet either the owner or another customer in the hall.

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