Ordering escorts online is one of the most popular services nowadays. It’s something quick, legit, and fun, much more convenient than dating. Also, it’s a transparent service that can be reviewed. 

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Top facts about escort reports and why they are needed. Become a pro in call girls ratings and share your own impressions from a sex worker you ordered online.

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Escort reports are an important part of adult blogs and forums. It’s a great way to exchange opinions, experiences, suggestions, and get a hookup advice from other sex-positive singles

How to find best escort reviews

There are many reasons to search for the call girls or massage parlor reports. One might need some confidence while selecting the right personal for quick sex and his kinky preferences. 

  • UsaSexGuide - one of the famous forums for escort clients sharing thoughts. Sex workers are rated and commented there so it’s easy to pick the best option. 
  • Saafe - a rather new forum that went popular only in the 2020s, where users can create any topics connected to escorts visiting. Its idea is safe casual sex. 
  • RentMen - one of the examples of escort ads listings that are also equipped with the reviews. It’s impossible to hide them and all opinions are fairly shown below the ad. 

Those sites provide the most detailed reports from the clients regarding each escort worker’s real looks, health condition, bad habits, hygiene in their place, or whatever else. 

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It goes far beyond usual Google reviews on massage parlors and Asian SPAs. Only hints and brief critics are possible there while reports on the escort listings and social networks are more prolonged.

On some platforms, the reviews’ authorship is revealed transparently and on other ones, comments are anonymous. Both ways are ok to share your delight or criticism with less experienced folks.

What should I say in my escort report

Most sources where reviews are possible, provide some basic options for escort reports. It’s understood since the main purpose is to warn other clients if smth is seriously wrong, not just to discuss.

If you want to be effective and helpful, try to follow this simple plan and provide only the information actual for escort ordering. Do not get too personal about a particular sex worker.

  1. Right timing. It matters to busy people whether the escorts are right on time with their visit. If you had to wait or the session was too quick, it should be mentioned. 
  2. Hygiene. Some sex workers are reported as fresh and super neat, while others may be smelly and messy. Be polite but let other clients know what to be prepared for. 
  3. Fair price. No one minds to pay extra or give the tips, but only if he is served well. If a masseuse or escort girl forces you to pay more, be sure to report that online. 
  4. Real appearance. The most precious information for people is how a provider looks in real, comparing to her or his commercial photos. Comment the difference. 

Most sex workers realize they’ll be judged basing on these main factors. So, they either do their best in these regards, or explain their actions in the comments sections under the ads. 

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If a person is straightforward and transparent enough to talk freely about sex services and all nuances involved, it’s a good sign and you can order. That’s why escort reviews are needed

Can escorts become girlfriends 

It’s interesting but exactly the online publicity of escort reviews make a dating process less desirable, not sex services themselves. Men don’t like their girl to be widely discussed. 

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Although the idea is great for guys who enjoy cuckolding and having a hotwife, there are too many facts being revealed if a provider is noticeable. Here is what clients discuss the most. 

  • Intimate parts. Having a birthmark can become a fetish for many. Whether she is a webcam girl seen online regularly, or a discreet call girl, there will be talks. 
  • Preferred service. No matter how professional a provider is, there is always a posture or kinky practice the most comfortable for her personally. Male clients discuss it too. 
  • Years of experience. Only the first-year escorts and porn stars are called fresh. Later on, they are often called junk, and it costs you a mood to read it over again. 

Escort reviews may bring people together, but they also ruin the togetherness. If you want to date escorts and be proud of that, learn to get provocative and stop caring about dudes’ talks. 

Are there Russian escorts in USA 

We all know how much appreciated Russian hotties are. Many used to be amateur models or beauty pageants in their hometown, just had to relocate and survive afterwards. 

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Lots of western men have a weak spot for Slavic females. Well, it’s relieving to know they are indeed available on top escort listings like Listcrawler. There are a few of them in each bigger city. 

  1. Los Angeles escorts 
  2. New York City escorts 
  3. Las Vegas escorts 

As escort reviews show, mature Russian providers are usually professionals, while girls under 25 are often students or single mothers who needed some bucks to pay their bills. 

They’d gladly become full-time sugar babies or girlfriends when another job is found. It’s a great opportunity to get access to the hottest Russian babes who are already in the US

Asian massage parlor reports 

On sites like UsaSexGuide, kinky Asian SPAs are often reviewed just like the escort listings and independent providers. It’s interesting, but not all HE masseuses are even Asian nowadays. 

Along with that, not all ethnic practices are inherited. Typical escort services replaced such Asian pleasures as Nuru, Thai massage, or feet treatment. But if you’re lucky, all is combined in one. 

  • HJ - means handjob. The simplest MP technique with the oil or cream. 
  • CBJ - covered blowjob, usually costs extra, especially if a masseuse is pretty. 
  • MT - mutual touch. Not all massage parlors allow, but it feels just great. 
  • CFS - full service can be a part of Nuru or a separate bonus, but it’s quite rare.  

So-called Asian SPAs with certain advantages are everywhere, in any county or town. Some can be found on Google maps even, while the others are only advertised on escort listings. 

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It’s a good thing to visit them, especially together with your partner. Rather a happy ending than a full hookup, it brings very spicy sensations and can give a new breath to your relationship. 

Can escort reviews lie 

We always want to think better of smb if we really liked them. Surprise, sometimes it’s the right decision. Experts say escort reviews happen to be unfair from time to time. 

  1. Timing issues. A client may get upset if his visit is postponed and he is asked to wait. But it mostly happens when he arrived early and a previous client is still inside. 
  2. Bad habits. Yes, Asian escort personals may be addicted to anything, since their life is full of stresses. But they may also look badly if they didn’t get enough sleep due to work. 
  3. HIV positive. No one can say for sure unless he saw a person registered on dating apps for positive singles, or the certificate has been shown. Do not judge easily. 

Clients may have the wrong motives when posting their review. It can be jealousy, greediness, revenge, or just a toxic character. So, never jump into conclusions and weight all opinions. 

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Only if many people are telling the same, or you trust your gut and someone sounds genuine, then avoid the provider you are warned against. In other cases, have your own try. 

Are escort listings any good 

The times have changed completely, and most people don’t mind that. Dating sites aren’t in fashion anymore, not talking about marital agencies or international weddings. 

Today, it’s trendy and the most important, very easy to hook up with literally any category of singles. There are no limits to one’s imagination, as long as he is seeking unusual adventures.

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  • Trans escorts. The variety of non-binary escort personals is impressive. In capital cities, the choice counts for hundreds and one can select the sub-category he likes. 
  • Slavic women. Countries like Belarus, used to be the least accessible for US hookups. Not anymore! Meet hot blondes from Belarus on the best escort listings worldwide. 
  • Legal teens. Keen on very young girls or boys? Legal teens aren’t just a porn section anymore, those are real people one can meet for sex. Order younger escorts online. 
  • Indigenous girls. If some rare ethnicity is your turn-on, you’ll find it on the listings. Australian and Alaskan native girls, Lakota, Maya, Inuit, Saami chicks on demand. 

So, yes escort aggregators are good and helpful for many. Couples aren’t bored anymore with their monotonous sex life, kinky personals shouldn’t get introverted, and so on. 

All kinds of services are widely available, and people are glad to share. Many thots choose not to ask for any reward at all, just enjoying their sex-positive lifestyle. It’s a great decision, btw. 

What are the dangers of escorts

Witty folks are saying, the only danger of escort services is that you can get sugar-high. In other words, addicted to the simplicity and the highest professionalism of those sexy top models. 

Escort personals are indeed more attractive than average females and males we encounter daily. It explains why lots of men choose to order the same providers rather than dating or marrying smb. 

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  1. Well-groomed looks. Sex workers focus on this job and do not get exhausted elsewhere. To have clients, they try to stay in shape, and use high-quality cosmetics. 
  2. Natural sex drive. It’s hard to perform well if you aren’t passionate. So, escort girls possess some organic sexual energy and it feels truly magnetizing to visitors. 
  3. Outstanding skills. Even the most loving wife has her headache and mood swings. Call girls remain professional to the very end, both technically and emotionally. 
  4. Glam outfits. You can surely ask your partner to wear high heels and smart babydolls every night, but escorts do have a bigger assortment and smth to surprise you with. 
  5. Sex shop at home. How many sex toys can you manage to try with your gf? Maybe a dozen of them, if you’re both very kinky. Call girls have an endless amount of them. 

Not to mention that real sex professionals become perfect listeners and friends with benefits, first of all. Then it becomes understood why so many guys turn it into their constant lifestyle. 

Which escort sites should I avoid 

Sex listings rarely get any heavy critics, since they bring so much joy, at the end. Still, some particular platforms are recommended less than the others, as they keep on developing. 

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BedPage: to hide the lack of options in some towns, it fills the database with some sporadic ads containing lots of childish emojis and doubtful phone numbers. So, it is four-star only. 

AdultFriendFinder: it’s a casual sex site rather than listings, and some features are paid. A few girls choose to be webcam models for virtual sex only, which decreases the rating. 

Craigslist: it is actually down in some states and countries, so people there should seek the alternatives. But it’s too legendary to rate it low, and some men remain its biggest fans. 

Do not avoid the escort sites, experienced folks say. Better avoid tiresome vanilla relationships and affairs that do not excite you. As long as you get your happy ending, all is great.