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About ER

The Goal

We are hoping to create a site full of entertainment, guidance and information for the hobbyist and SP. We say 'to create' because ER will never be finished. If we accomplish our goal, the hobbyist will find all that he will need to know concerning the biz here at ER.

At ER you will find Articles, Saved Reviews, ER Review Board, Committee Information, The Purple Pages, Quick Quotes, Legal Information, Disease Information, Free Email, and Manuals. Soon we are adding a section solely for the Service Providers.

How do we make money to support the site?

Not from the hobbyist directly, but from those whom the hobbyist gives their money to. Agencies, Massage Parlors, Escorts and Exotic Dancing Establishments. Income will be generated from banner and link advertising. ER does not understand or agree with the idea of charging the hobbyist money to find out where they should spend their money.

Where do the ideas come from?

You. Most of what you will find on ER has been indirectly or directly asked for by the hobbyist or the SP. We continue to encourage support from you in order to build ER into 'the site to go to.' Before anything on ER is constructed, it is passed between the four of us in order to give an objective and fair point of view to all issues.

Why is it necessary to 'register' to post in the ER Review Board?

There has been many questions and concerns around the validity and authentication of the reviews in The Saved Review Archives. In order to somewhat rectify this issue, we ask that you sign up for a username. Your password is sent to you via email which confirms your email address. The process is painless and free.

Will we ever charge for memberships?

No. ER is free to travel on, all that we ask is that you visit our sponsors.

How can I help develop ER?

Send in articles. Post your comments, questions, or concerns. Tell us what you would like to see on ER. Become involved in The Committee. Tell others about ER. Post your reviews on ER to be collected into the review archives for other hobbyists.

We build this site for you.