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Advertising Rates

ER Stats

$40.00 Mo.
Rotating Banner: This spot is the banner that is rotating in the frame. The banner will show for 10 seconds before it changes to another banner. Your banner will be shown consistantly at all times along with the others.
Banner on Top Spots: Your banner will be placed on; Each of the front pages of the Review Archives( five pages), Message Board, the front page of the Purple Pages and the very first entrance page of ER. $75.00 Mo.
Prime Spot: This includes everything in 'Rotating Banner' and 'Banner on Top Spots', information on your review page including stats, web URL, contact info, as well as your static banner on your review page. $120.00 Mo.
Exclusive Spot: Includes 'Prime Spot', the frames will disappear when the surfer visits your page (which eliminates the rotating banner), information on your review page as well as four thumb pics along the side of your review page. Example Page $150.00 Mo.
Contact ER for payment options. Send an email to [email protected] and notify us of what spot you would like and we will get back to you ASAP.
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