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Escort Reviews is a dating advice newsletter with a focus on casual dating. The main goal of the site is to help you find your match and get you out on the road to meeting someone special. It is not designed to diagnose relationships, but to provide you with helpful information on how to go about initiating a relationship, as well as to keep you out of some potentially harmful relationship mistakes. If you are looking for a casual way to get into a relationship without committing to anything serious right off the bat, then Escort Reviews is the perfect place to start looking.

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A great feature that separates this website from most others is that the first contact you make with the program will determine if you go further or stop right there. You can initiate a conversation or you can end it; whichever you prefer. By sending the Escort Reviews Advisor a first message, you are already halfway towards creating the first impression in the direction of picking up women. So as you follow along with the conversation starter you sent, you can continue to build your relationship on a steady foundation.

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In most online dating sites, there is usually an option to send a message after you have met someone - this is the first contact in most cases, where you either casually discuss the other person or at worst respond to a simple request for more information. In neither case is this a good introduction to the kind of relationship you hope to have with the model you chose to meet. In an Escort Reviews Dating Advisor, you can send a first message after you have met the model and continue to build a relationship based on genuine trust and a good sense of humor. When you choose to go further in the conversation, you can send a few pick up lines and you know from what you have seen from the first contact that she is someone you would most want to pick up.