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Author: beaver, Jan/11/2000 16:37:44 [-05 EST]

Alexia and Tori are the worst in terms of fun, mediorce massage. If you absolutely have to go to IT, try sonja, jordan or danielle there website is or something like that I hate it hate it hate it!!!!!

Author: The Banker, Jan/12/2000 12:24:11 [-05 EST]

We all no about invisible touch. I find Jordan there a real treat. She is warm and loves what she does. I will not say more about her if you want you can email me off line.

Author: danny, Feb/16/2000 12:59:58 [-05 EST]

Had the pleasure of seeing Danielle last night fantastic massage paid 100 dollars for nude reverse nice clean place 4 lovely ladies last night wish I could have had all of them but didnt have the time or the energy All in all a pleasant experience got to watch sattelite tv while I waited for a room and was offered coffee and refreshments when I was done.Will definetly repeat but next time with a different ladies.

Author: John Drake, Mar/20/2000 18:00:19 [-05 EST]

Good evening, I had the occasion to visit Invisble Touch for the first time. They are located in the Highway Seven and Leslie area. Very clean and proffesional. Excellent waiting room and very comfortable and relaxing rooms. A very nice place to visit. Had the pleasure of seeing Jordan. Her picture on the site is accurate. I could not wait to see that behind in person and it certainly is something. This girl is very friendly and likeable. A well spoken lass who is very easy going and equally easy to get along with. The prices are listed in the room and there were no hidden extras, $30.00 for the half hour and another $60.00 for the nude reverse. Jordan is 28 years old, about 5'2 and had short jet black hair. This lady is very pretty and is a knockout in her underwear. The behind is simply to die for, perhaps a perfect one. She has a few tattoos but nothing overwheming, I normally dislike same, but did not mind with her. She is just over 100 lbs and has a nice, tigh, toned body. The massage was average with the release being slightly above average. The nude reverse was nothing special, her breasts are ok, somewhat average. Overall a great, relaxing place and Jordan is a likeable girl.....a 6.5/10...with a special comment on how great that behind is.

Author: asianpersuasion, Apr/8/2000 00:59:05 [-05 EST] [DST]

I saw Jeannie's pics had to check her out(I usually take the asian route but i just had to check her out).Made the appointment only wed&thurs; available.Nice woman great body likes to talk.Massage was average release was ok no problems at all.I just did'nt feel satisfied don't know why(maybe it seemed like a script was being followed I just don't know).looks 8,body 8,massage 6.I guess after Nikki,Nicole&Bianca; as my favs it is hard to find someone that can live upto those standards.

Author: dave, Apr/12/2000 16:50:07 [-05 EST] [DST]

Got an o.k. massage at IT. Jeannie - looks 6, release 7. She was not altogether friendly. But when I left I noticed that they had a pit bull in the office. I'm not too crazy about dogs. So I won't be going back. Not a bad place, if you're comfortable with that. Remark

Author: Thebanker, Apr/28/2000 09:18:47 [-05 EST] [DST]

I am posting a few reviews because i finally have the time to do so. Have seen Jordan on a few occasions. She works PT at the MP. Her pic is on the web site. She is not for everyone but i really enjoy her. She has very large nipples and sensitive breasts. Provides a very good massage and release. She has a few Tatoos so if you dont like them then she is not for you. She is cute and energitic. I see her when she is there and always have a good conversation as well. It appears that the owners are now getting quality women in there to provide us hobbyists with the best. Good work