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On 2000-07-13 at 12:14:36
Service: Agency SP
Girls Name: Amanda
Your Name: enduser
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: Hi, Last night I had an opportunity to meet with Amanda from She is a thin girl. I would estimate a size two. Seductive's description puts her in her early twenties. She has the body of an eighteen year old. For those of you who like Sasha Jone's body type Amanda is similar. She's trimmed and has brunetter hair. The pictures are accurate. She is mellow and discreete. She came to my door in a black pant suit and white shirt, that made me think of the actress Audrey Hepburn. She definetly has a model like figure. She is a smoker. Her feet are nicely shaped, her toes are cute. She has a pleasant demeanor. She gave a light massage and is very skilled at covered bj. I don't DATY so, I can't comment. She was much to small to take the dark passage to the Greek Islands. The image or feeling I was left with was one of a fresh healthy young inexperienced teen. Enduser :-)

Author: yyzguy, Apr/25/2000 18:03:44 [-05 EST] [DST]

Met with Kyoko from Seductive Escorts just prior to Easter Weekend. Was always intrigued by Japanese women and I'd read a few posts on her on this board. Apparently she'd been working as an independent then switched back to agency. Anyway, called during the day and spoke to Angel the receptionist. She really made me feel at ease. However, when I called back that night spoke to a male receptionist who made me feel like I was an inconvenience - not a customer. Gather they were short drivers, but really, I'm ready to spend money here. Anyway, worked out all right and made an appointment for roughly an hour later. Kyoko arrived right on time. Very bubbly personality, cute and quirky. Little makeup - which I like - and she looked like a college kid on her way home from school. Hair done up in almost a ponytail. However, while she is of Japanese descent (born near Okinawa), she might not meet everyone's idea of a Japanese girl. Certainly, YMMV. However, we hit it off. Fun to talk to and bubbly outlook on life. Started off slow with limited kissing. Great chest - probably 36DD, very sensitive. One thing lead to another and before I knew it she was giving me a sensational BBBJ (though not to completion). She does have a slight belly, but her personality and oral talents compensate greatly and got me to the point that Mr. Happy was doing all my thinking. Allowed multiple shots. Probably allows dining at the Y although that never became an issue. Said she didn't like greek, but other than that was very openminded. As I said, maybe not to everybody's taste, but if you enjoy wicked oral and appreciate a quirky personality then she's worth a try. Sorry for the babbling review, but in conclusion: Timeliness: 9, Body: 7, Oral Talents: 11+, Personality 9 - especially since she was 'customer focused' and was a delight to talk to.

Author: meee, Apr/29/2000 18:35:21 [-05 EST] [DST]

Well, after reading all the wonderful comments about Siobhan of Seductive Escorts, I decided to see her this afternoon. In a review posted recently it was said that she has no restrictions. Well, even though she is a delightful young lady and I had a great time, she absolutely does have some restrictions. Namely, two of them. One, no dining at the Y and two, she will not touch you with her hand without a condom on. It's safe to say she will never work at a massage parlor!! Anyway, I'm not putting her down, and I really loved her personality and everything else about her, but I just wanted to point out that the previous post was not entirely correct when he said she has no restrictions. Also, despite having a nice figure, it's a little hard to believe those pictures on the agency's website are really her. I mean she looks really thin in those pictures. In person, she's not that thin but still has a beautiful body. Siobhan said that she only plans to work as a "courtesan" until the end of May, so if you're interested in seeing her, you'd better get to it! Reply

Updated Post: Author: meee, May/1/2000 23:43:57 [-05 EST] [DST]

I want all TERB readers to understand that I am NOT accusing Seductive Escorts of bait and switch tactics. I apologize for any misunderstanding. Being a part-time photographer, I should know that sometimes pictures do not tell the real story. Based on past reviews and other information, as well as my own now clear insight, I am positive that Siobhan is indeed the lady I saw on Saturday afternoon.

Author: dman , May/1/2000 19:56:40 [-05 EST] [DST]

i've been using seductive recently and have found them totally above board. siobhan was a very nice experience (i had seen her previously @ Paradise) and the mileage did vary(i hate that term). last visit was with Kyoko who had previously been reviewed on this board and Canbest. found her oral technique impeccable and her enthusisam abundant but, as i prefer slender waif-lik girls, i probably won't repeat.

Author: Ray, May/3/2000 17:11:18 [-05 EST] [DST]

I saw Kyoko recently. I also have read some of the reviews posted about her. I found her to be a gracious, sometimes quirky but endearing, lady. She is not skinny and is about 5-7. She told me that her job was to pleasure me. I liked that. Since I am into some different things, she was very acomodating. I do not kiss or taste, so I cannot comment on those issues. I did find her very cuddly and warm, she even stayed 15 minutes over because we were cuddling so much. I would recommend her highly. I rate her as follows: Looks: 7. Attitude: 9. Overall: 8+. She would qualify as a GFE IMHO.

Author: Muddy Waters, May/17/2000

Life is a lottery, but most of us don't win prizes. As a member of the Review Board, I did win a lottery at our last meeing - a door prize of an hour with a lady from Seductive. The gods smiled on me, but I'm aware that there's a potential conflict of interest here, but you're just gonna have to live with it.

Yesterday I spent my time � redeemed my prize �with Katey, and I'm still recovering. Originally, I was going to see the much-better publicized Siobhan, but she was not available, so I went to the website ( checked the pictures. The only one with her face showing was Katey, and I liked her friendly open-ness, so I made the arrangements.

Okay, a brief diversion here. As hobbyists (how I love that term!) we all have different needs, and, what's more, different needs at different times. Sometimes, hey, we just want to get laid - hard, fast, rough, dirty, erotic, and over-the-top and no holds barred.

Sometimes we want companionship, warmth, sustenance for our battered hearts, souls and egos. And often, of course, we want both - because we're greedy, needy, horny and don't have enough blood to make our brain and our penis work at the same time. Okay, back to Katey. She's slim, blonde, and has a dancer's body; I'd guess she's 23, but looks much younger. Best of all, she has a smile that will light up the universe, and you feel that you're special when she faces you and grins. She arrived early, and the initial nervousness dissipated almost instantly. Because I was getting, after all, a "freebie" I gave her a tip up-front, dragged her into my home office and found some CDs she might like as a gift, and we went upstairs.

With or without clothes, Katey is a star; she wore an elegant dress, a strapless bra, and no panties, and was naked in a flash. She has tiny (but exquistely responsive) breasts - and I hope she never has implants! � We hugged for a while with light kissing - and eventually, first gently and then more intensely, made love for some 20 minutes. Gentle (covered) oral, three or four different positions, and finally a marvellous climax.

Afterwards we lay on the bed, me grinning like a cat. So this is the famed "girl friend experience" we like to talk about! (Damn, I wish I WAS her girl-friend!); this is the sweetness of sex with a beautiful, gentle, girl-woman with style and grace and no "attitude."

The other sort of sex I mentioned - the over-the-top "let's F***" sex - can wait. The combination of both with one person may be an ideal I can explore with Katey next time I see her (for I surely will!).

Meanwhile, I'm okay for a while. I've shared an hour (and a bit!) with a special person. I can press on with life. I am truly satisfied. And, dammit, I'm a nice guy, so I DESERVED to win the lottery!

Katey love, you couldn't have been a better prize!





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